Sunday, January 15, 2012

I had a list of things to accomplish on the weekend, but I was sidetracked by my scrap projects. I just sat in the sewing room and stitched little pieces together, and it was wonderful. 
This is the major project, and it's devouring scraps at a great rate. 

I've used up all the tiny ends of strips that I collected, now I'm moving through all the other scrap drawers and weeding out bits to use in this.  I love the effect of all those random tiny scraps, and the off-white spiral moving through them.  It's so lovely to be enthusiastic about a project; I always enjoy sewing, but sometimes it doesn't take much to draw my attention elsewhere. Not with this design though, I just want to sit at the machine and feed more pieces through.

I want it to be more rectangular, so the top and bottom strips are going to be 3" finished, and the sides 2" finished.  I can also see some more drastic measures will be necessary to get the proportions that I want, but I'm still planning what that will be.  Maybe crumb piecing?  Who knows.

I needed a lot more pieces for the scrappy cross blocks, so I pulled out the drawer of 3.5" squares. 
I have way too many of them, remnants from three projects and all the scrap cutting I did last year.  So I selected some that would work in both the projects on the design wall, and cut a 1.5" slice from them. 

That little slice goes into the cross block pile, and the remainder goes into the scrappy spiral pile. 

I'm making nine-patches from those little slices too, it's really working out nicely.  I'm using up a heap of scraps, it feels like a good way to start the year.

Last week Matt took all the dogs for a walk down the Heyson Trail; this is a picture of the Staffies, all sitting still for once.  Jessie was buzzing about in the long grass, a law unto herself as usual.

What is the collective noun for a group of Staffies?  A scramble of Staffies?  They are a rambunctious lot.

This is what they normally look like, unless ordered to sit down for their photo.


Diane-crewe 12:15 PM  

your quilt is looking good xx
I LOVE your dogs xx I have 2 both Staffy crosses...there are a LOT here as I live on the edge of North Staffordshire ...where they where developed xx

tirane93 12:43 PM  

your quilts are always so lovely!

and the dogs - a posse? a gang? they're adorable whatever you call them!

Gypsy Quilter 12:54 PM  

Ohhhh, I simply love this idea. Small pieces galore. Wouldn't it be marvelous with solid brights and black framing. Hmmmm, ohh possibilities. I'm glad you're having some quiet, no pressure sew time. Everyone needs that.

Amy 8:30 PM  

Your scrap projects look great and your staffies really are adorable. Your husband was brave to take them all for a walk. :)

Gayle 7:41 AM  

Can you please tell me what book has instructions for that block that has a 9-patch in the center of it? I'd love to make that one myself.

Sew Create It - Jane 8:51 AM  

I love your scrappy projects...both are wonderful!

Kerri 12:26 PM  

Love the spiraling quilt! So neat. and the nine patch cross blocks are beautiful. What great ideas

Meggie 11:37 PM  

Always enjoy seeing your quilt adventures. Those dogs all look very healthy, sleek, and happy.

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