Thursday, January 19, 2012

This quilt was a scrap monster, it ate up so many pieces from my scrap drawers.

I'm glad to be able to shut the drawers easily, glad that I have another quilt top nearly completed, but most of all I'm glad that I can clean up my sewing area and restore some order.  This sort of project is so unorganised and messy, after a while it really gets to me, and all I can think of is finishing it and getting my life back.  It's a strange attitude.  If I didn't like these quilts I wouldn't make them, and yet they drive me nuts while they're in progress.  Next project is going to consist of neat piles of carefully chosen fabric, not a sea of chaos.

It refused to become rectangular enough, so I will have to add some bits top and bottom; I'm thinking something from my drawer of 3.5" squares will do the trick.  But it can wait a while, there  are other things I have to work on.

I'm doing a very strange quilting project; it's for a lady whose son was part of the winning crew on a boat in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.  He gave her the flag, and she wants it turned into a quilt to snuggle in when she's feeling down.  She has cancer, so this quilt will end up being like a hug from her son.  The flag is polyester knit, the batting is two layers of flannel and the backing is polyester poplin; it's an awkward combination to work with. It's 105 " x 95", absolutely huge, and she wants the cords left attached, so it's going to be an odd thing to quilt.  It's a worthwhile thing though, I hope it brings her a lot of comfort.

My area is all tidied up, ready for the next lot of sewing; what a lovely feeling that is!  My word from last year is still a favourite.  Onward!!


Nancy 12:38 PM  

Your scrap quilt is wonderful. How big is it?

Meggie 10:04 PM  

Your quilt is lovely. What an unusual but lovely idea for flag. I am sure it will bring much comfort.

Unknown 6:19 AM  

You've inspired me to make a scrappy quilt like yours! Thank you!!!! I posted about it on my blog today! Here's a link:

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