Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I'm happily working on my scrap projects in my spare moments, and also designing something a little more complicated, which stops me from being bored.  Sometimes the scrap crosses take over and command all my attention, and then I get an idea for the new design and have to sew madly on that for a while.  It's all good fun.

The last fortnight was a bit hectic, what with a trip away to Victor Harbor.  Mereth and her family attended a wedding and Seonaid and I lay about, relaxing and catching up.  This chap, my great-nephew and Mereth's grandson, was the highlight of the weekend, he was so adorable.

We had coffee at a cafe on Sunday morning, and there were 4 cameras trained on Logan, recording every smile and lift of his eyebrow.  He dealt with the papparazi with good grace.

I love it when you can linger over coffee, and have refills while the conversation goes in new directions; it was wonderful to be able to spend time with the family.

Good coffee too.

The measurements for this scrap block are simple; the ninepatch in the centre is 3.5" unfinished, the strips making up the arms of the cross are cut 1.5 x 3.5"; the big triangles are a single 5.5" square cut twice from corner to corner, and the small triangles in the corners are two 3" squares, cut diagonally once.  They are a bit big, but I trim the whole block down to measure 9" after it's pieced.  It will finish at 8.5" once the sashes are on.


Meggie 5:13 PM  

Lovely pic of the little man. I do like that cross patch. lol.

Gypsy Quilter 2:45 AM  

That is one adorable little man. Thanks for sharing the new block measurements. Not that I'll be making any soon, but the ideas can percolate, can't they . . . LOL.

Nancy 3:49 AM  

I like that block and appreciate the measurements.

Mad about Craft 7:15 AM  

Love the block! Thank you for the cutting instructions. I love any block with 9 patches in it.

Henrietta 12:44 PM  

Now we are getting you trained! It is lovely.

Baby is lovely too!

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