Saturday, February 25, 2012

I think I've forgotten how to blog, its been so long! I get so busy doing all these things that would make good posts, but never get time to sit down and compose a decent blog post.  Shame on me.

I've been spending every spare moment working on my cross-patch blocks, some would say obsessively..... 

But I did enjoy them, and used up such a lot of scraps that I was forced to cut more 1.5" strips.  I don't have all my fabric here, but I did have a tower of Elizabethtown, by Jo Morton, so I used that with gay abandon.  And to stop myself getting all precious about it, I gave the remains to Mereth afterwards, so she can cut some strips for herself.  I'm determined not to let fabric get to 'Holy' status around here, it's all there to be used, not hoarded.  I always think, I'll never be able to buy this again, so I must save it; which is bunkum.

Incidentally, I love using the Quiltshops site to track down older fabric; it takes me ages to discover that I really love some fabrics, or that they are perfect for a certain quilt.  On this site I can track down a stockist and buy what I need, sometimes many years after the fabric was released.  I've been introduced to some great shops this way, that I otherwise wouldn't have found.  Now when I cut fabric I make sure not to remove the selvage and it's identifying info, so I will be able to find it online if I need to.

I must have a low boredom threshold, because the simple cross-patch block started morphing into other blocks, and then I started having more fun with the variations than the original block. 
I'll do another post on them later, and I don't think I'm quite finished with this block layout.

I tried to make some interesting cornerstones, instead of having the blue sashing on it's own, but the quilt was having none of it.  Talk about stubborn!  I would have been finished days ago, except I was convinced I could find some magic little block to put in the cornerstones and bring the quilt to life.  Apparently not.   But the dark blue is going to be very serviceable, and with a dog on my bed at night I need a quilt that won't show every mark.  Dolly's a clean little girl, being so short-haired and having a bath every single day, but she's a dog after all. 
It will have 4" blue borders all the way around, but I don't have time to do that right way; soon.
 We are into the last days of summer, and it's been a remarkable season.  We haven't had much of the usual blisteringly hot weather that makes our summers such a misery, and almost none of the hot northerly winds, which can kill a garden in a single day.  Today is supposed to be over 100 degrees, but then the forecast is for cool weather for the next 9 days.  I'm so happy to see autumn roll around once again!!!  The dogs will appreciate the cooler weather too; after every walk out at Bowman's Park there's a scrummage to see who can fit into the wading pool; and who can drink the most of their bathwater too.

That was clean water before they got in there....
 These Staffies are just water buffalo in disguise.


Anne 2:28 PM  

Keryn, I love it! You have obviously had a lot of fun with this. This variations make it so interesting.

Lynn Dykstra 4:24 PM  

these are so wonderful--fun to see you mixed things up with your variations.

Karen 4:42 PM  

I have been watching your progress on these blocks. The sashing really looks good with the blocks. Go ahead and and be obsessive. It works.

Diane-crewe 1:57 AM  

always good to have a change...STOP boredom and finish a quilt should be a slogun!! LOVE the pictures of the dogs enjoying their bath!! I have one who LOVES water and one who HATES it xx

sewprimitive karen 3:40 AM  

That's marvelous that the dogs get a daily bath; Dolly looks so cute in the picture with her little head raised to the sky. That quilt of yours!! I want to make one like it so badly! It is an ideal "use it daily and it looks gorgeous too" quilt.

Meggie 2:40 PM  

I just love those cross patch blocks and all the scraps! I love seeing the dogs too.

Jenni 5:17 PM  

Another lovely quilt top, you sure get going on them once you start. I'm sure Dolly won't mind what colour the corner stones are when she is snuggled on it during winter!

*karendianne. 10:09 AM  

"The Staffies are water buffalo in disguise." I totally love that. Laughter. I think you did a bang up job on this post!!! The quilt is great and I really enjoy what you're doing with the blocks. Very creative. I, too, enjoy utilizing the Quilthshops site. I never can figure out a piece is for me (and need more) until I'm in the thick of it.

Yep, a great post! :) Have a lovely day and keep up the good work. We'll be here waiting for quilts and water buffalo. :)

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