Monday, March 05, 2012

The last week just vanished, there was so much happening.  DD Seonaid came to stay for two days, which was fun, and we spent lots of time with Mereth's No.1 son John and his partner Liz.  It's lovely to have so much family time, for ages we were all so far apart that we didn't see each other often.  Our get-togethers are lovely.

I will be able to get back in the sewing room very soon, being caught up on my work.  First chore is a big cleanup, as I created havoc during my last frenzied effort.

 I need to tot up what I've bought this year, I fear it's around the 30m mark at least.  I have plans for a ruthless thinning of the stash, mainly so I can fit all the new stuff in. 

I've been so busy this last week that I didn't have time to go through the latest parcel properly; I'm going to have a good old rummage this afternoon.

I caved and bought a small TV for the sewing room, so I can watch DVDs while I sew.  I was going to just cart the laptop around and watch the DVDs on that, but I really can't afford to drop it as all my work stuff is on it; better to have a cheap TV and leave the computer safely on the desk. (Safe!! I've spilt two cups of coffee on it recently, I'm becoming klutzoid.  Amazingly there seem to be no ill effects, even though the first mishap saw the keyboard totally inundated and coffee running out of the bottom.  It's a good thing I don't take milk or sugar, it's just black water really.)

 The TV needed a cabinet, so I bought one in a box and set about putting it together.  I've noticed something odd about Dolly; I call it Construction Anxiety. 
Whenever I put together flat-pack furniture, like IKEA stuff, she tries to sit in between me and what I'm working on, twines herself about my feet, climbs into my lap when I'm on the floor, sits on the pieces waiting to be assembled, whines and begs and pleads 'Don't Do This, Pleeese!  It's not safe, I don't like it...'
 Sorry sweetie, it will take more than this to stop me buying DIY furniture.

It's lovely, lovely autumn weather!  Cool and cloudy and kind, it makes me want to put on my walking shoes and go.  On Saturday we went to Port Broughton again, and walked the dogs on a deserted beach south of the town. 
We all had a wonderful time, and then had fish & chips for tea again.  The battered fish was excellent, beautifully done.  It's great to find a place that does simple food very well.

Afterwards we walked to the end of the jetty and watched the sunset, and the gulls, and the swallows flitting over the water.
 It was perfectly beautiful.


Mad about Craft 4:02 PM  

Only Staffies can look at you as if their world is about to end, I have one that is a past master - so cute, I love them!

Diane-crewe 9:06 AM  

perhaps she just wants to join in11 x could just eat the fish and chips noW!! x

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