Friday, March 16, 2012

For such a big box, there wasn't much actually in there!  More packing than product.
I like the new dies, with the two tone foam; you can see immediately what they are, and where to position the fabric.

I've been wanting this 1" die for ages, I have two quilt projects that require 1" HSTs, and I wasn't keen on having to cut the hundreds needed.

It's really hard on my eyes sometimes, and knowing how important accuracy is with these tiny pieces I kept putting it off.  There won't be an excuse now, this die will make short work of them.  I can even cut them from spare strips in the 2" scrap drawers, which will help whittle that fabric down to a manageable level.

I also bought a 3.25" square die; it works with 2.5" HSTs to form a square-in-square block that measures 4" finished.

Nice, but I actually wanted it so I could cross-cut the squares diagonally and make these little Hourglass units.  That worked perfectly as well, so I'm super happy about that. I managed to use a square in that Ohio Star block that wasn't square at all, I don't know whether to unpick it and replace it, or just chuck the thing in the orphan box the way it is.  Work of seconds to fix it, but do I really care?  I'll probably fix it, just not now.

I haven't had time to play with this die yet, but I have plans. 
This will work with the 2" finished HST die, and there are a lot of block patterns that can use this shape.I just don't have time to experiment right now.

I really like that fact that these dies work so well with each other, I can have a pile of pieces just waiting to be built into blocks any way I choose.

I like these Bird In Air blocks, they can be built into so many patterns, and now I can cut the pieces for them and stockpile them.  I have the 1, 1.5,  2, 3 & 4" HST dies, so I can make units that measure 2, 3 or 4" finished.  I can't wait to tackle my strip drawers and get busy on these blocks.  That won't be any time soon though, I have way too many other things on the go......


Debra 5:32 PM  

Love your Bird in Air blocks what fun to be able to use your scraps and have them cut out so quickly. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. I recently purchased the Baby Go Cutter but have to wait a few weeks to get the mat to use it. I only have one dye so far, it will be fun when I can finally use it!

Gingerpatch 9:29 PM  

Hi Kerryn

I have been thinking of getting one of these cutters for a while. You are obviously happy with yours. Where can they be purchased from? I am sick of rotary cutting triangles.


antique quilter 1:04 AM  

love your new blocks always loved the bird in air blocks...
its fun to see them in different sizes. your really going to be on a roll with all these new dies...I know I am going to be inspired by all your new quilts!

Franie-Jay 9:46 AM  

Hi Keryn, I just finished reading a blogpost about a pattern called Sunburst over at 'Hyacinth Quilts' which would be perfect for for your orange die. Here is the link: Cheers Fran.

Mary 7:35 PM  

I've been wanting to get the 1"HS triangles too. many dies... limited funds! I love seeing what you make with your accuquilt Go! I sure love mine for the triangles and odd shapes!

Michelle 5:24 PM  

It may be a bit late but I have some of that first fabric... I just found your blog let me know if you want me to hunt it out...:O)

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