Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm having trouble with my internet dropping out all the time, so while it's functioning I will quickly add this post.

We are trying to track down the names of the ranges that these fabrics belong to; I received them as part of a shop-made charm pack, but I can't recall where I got them.  If I have the names of the ranges I can have a shot at tracking them down.

The first one is most preferred for sashing a set of blocks that are made, just patiently waiting for the right setting fabric to materialise.

Both the swatches below are nice pinks that would fit into the stash, even if they won't work with the set of blocks.

Any ideas?
and by the way, I have removed that rediculous verification thingy on the comments, couldn't be doing with that.


Pam in KC 9:51 PM  

I think I have a FQ of the second fabric...but can I find it now? I'll look for it again in the morning and then hope I got the FQ w/some identification on it. I can't think of any quilt I've used it in...

Pam in KC 10:06 PM  

Is the top one 3's Company from Thimbelberries? I think I found it at snowyriverquilts.com

Diane-crewe 1:16 AM  

I dont have any of these but i agree with the above comment they look like Thimelberrier with that small patten (not much help am I? lol) I took the word verification thing off too .... droes me spare! Not had any spam since it went xx

antique quilter 1:24 AM  

hmmm I love all 3 of them and have to admit they are not in my stash unfortunately!
I really LOVE that second one keep us posted if you find them ,I just may need to add them to my collection too!

Tazzie 2:47 AM  

Hi there Keryn hon
The first two are definitely Thimbleberries, but I'm not sure about the third. I can check the details for you when I head into the shop tomorrow if you like.

pdudgeon 3:55 PM  

the first one looks like Little Berry Vines All Over - red on rose for RJR.
Thimbleberries Club 2009. 8217-3
the Stitching Post has it.

Michelle 12:00 AM  

Hi Keryn
I have just come across your blog this evening and I have some of the first fabric, there is no name on the selvedge to say where or who made it? Have you had any luck tracking it down? If you are still after some more let me know and I will send you a photo of mine to confirm it's the same :O)

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