Thursday, December 20, 2012

The pieced strips in this quilt grow quickly, I have one finished already, and the other five are more than half done. 

I think I procrastinated about making this quilt for so long because I knew it would go together very quickly, and it would be finished only be a matter of days after I decided to start it.  I'm stretching the sewing out a bit, I don't want it over too soon.  Some quilts go together so quickly I have no memory of making them, and I don't want that to happen with this one.

I love sewing these strip set together, it's fast and easy and I can watch the TV while I sew.  The 3" strips are fun to work with after the 3/4" ones in some of the DJ blocks.

I'm trying to formulate a few pre-New Year's Eve resolutions, things to be working at before the end of the year arrives.  I want the DJ in one piece, which is totally feasible.  I would like this strip quilt top finished, again, totally do-able.  I want my sewing room restored to order; that's a bit of a tall order, but a single night of determined sorting would make a huge difference to the mess.  I have DVDs, and red wine; it could be a lovely way to spend an evening.

And I would like the UFOs all in one spot, and catalogued so I know what is there.  It's all a big jumble now, and I have no idea what I could work on next, ot what is close to completion.  I need a list, and a rough outline of what to do next for each project.

I like the idea of working my way to the end of the year, trying to make every day count towards my goals, instead of coasting along with the attitude that I'll see out the year and then make a fresh start.  I could be in a much better place with my projects in two weeks time, if I just apply myself.  Mereth and I won't have anyone here for Christmas or Boxing Day, so we'll be able to do exactly as we please, which sort of compensates for the lack of family.  Sort of....... but not entirely.  Where's that red wine?


Linda C 4:59 PM  

l absolutely love this quilt!! Can't wait to see it finished. l know what you mean about making a quilt without remembering. l have some sewing weeks coming up with a few girlfriends, and this would be an easy without too much stress kind of quilt. Can l have your permission to also reproduce it? l love the green and blue colorway.

Sue SA 7:38 AM  

Thats whats great about the blog, if you forget about the quilts you made (and gave away) you have a record of their progress - well for me, you have been quilting such a long time and produced so many beautiful quilts! I hope you have someone where local you can shout yourselves to a fancy Christmas lunch cooked by someone else? If not a picnic at the beach sounds good...provided the weather is better then what htey are forcasting for this weekend..yikes 39c the garden and Ican do without!
Enjoying the progress of this quilt and looking forward to seeing your UFO's make an appearance, I am sure there are some lovely projects in your stash.

Jan 8:17 AM  

I remember the antique version very well! How wonderful to make a new version.

Meredith 12:14 PM  

The quilt top is coming along great. Merry Christmas. I would love to have an organized sew room and a big yes to all the projects in one location.

Diane 1:50 AM  

Oh I love this one! I may have to file this one away for a some day project.

Henrietta 12:00 PM  

Before I can even think about sewing I have to clean up the pre-Christmas chaos in my stockroom. Then inventory looms. Not going to even think about that!

My mind has been running along the same lines as yours on completing projects, I have gotten as far as starting the list.

I wish you a peaceful and pieceful Christmas and as you bake think of us on the other side of the world at -5F at 7pm. Gonna be a cold one.

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