Saturday, December 01, 2012

My DD came to stay for two days, it was so lovely having her around. We made gingerbread cookies again, but it was so humid they kept going soft, so we couldn't decorate them.  We were forced to eat them instead, so there will have to be another baking day before Christmas.

It was so horribly hot that we made a quick trip to Port Broughton so the dogs could have a swim and cool down.

 Shonny took them out into the water, which made them cooler, but then they spent the rest of the time galloping about and making themselves hot again.

And Oh the Indignity! of having your belly washed at the tap in the playground. 

Dolly was mortified.

The downside of living in a tiny town is that there aren't enough jobs for young folks, so it's not likely any of my kids can come and live closer.  That's why it's been special having my nephew John, and his wife Liz, living in the next town.  We've had weekly get-togethers all year, and I've loved it.  The good news is that John has accepted a permanent place at the school as an art teacher, so they will definitely be here next year as well.  I see more family dinners in our future.


Diane-crewe 6:31 PM  

so glad you had some time with your daughter... when they are far away it it is hard ...despite modern technology that is capable of so much not the same as "getting your hands on them" !! Glad you have some family members close by though xx... and the dogs of course x

antique quilter 8:27 PM  

its hard the kids have to go where the jobs are.
I am dreading when my DD graduates college finding out where she will wind up. My guess is not near us.
Glad you have family near, it helps I am sure.

sewprimitive karen 9:28 PM  

I'm sorry it's so hot there! Sounds like a nice visit nonetheless.

Gypsy Quilter 9:51 AM  

Well it was 71 degrees Fahrenheit here today, so you're not the only one getting unusually warm weather. My Dolly is ready for SNOW! But I truly wonder if we'll have any this winter. Happy sewing!

sandra 12:47 PM  

Hi Meredith, i grew up in pt pirie so know all about hot weather! I now live in Pt Elliot. much more pleasant. You writing "Oh the indignity" reminded me of Gordon in Thomas the Tank engine.( I have grandsons:)(

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