Saturday, November 24, 2012

Summer is starting early this year, we've had some nasty hot, dry days already.  After I've watered my garden and tried to protect all the delicate plants from the scorching sun, I retire to my sewing room and work on the Dear Jane.  I was going to have 6 rows completed before I packed it away again.  However, I actually had 5 complete rows already, and it seemed a bit wimpy to just make one more row.  So I decided I would have 9 rows completed before Packaway.

As I pieced the blocks for rows G-I the easy blocks in the remaining rows kept sidetracking me, delaying Packaway date.  Finally I caved and admitted that I wanted to get the whole darn thing finished and off the wall, so it was full steam ahead on any block that appealed to me.

 So the current status of my design wall is 7 rows pieced with sashing strips (the 4 rows at the left are joined together in one piece, pretty exciting) and 25 blocks yet to piece.  My room is a shambles yet again, but this is the final 25 blocks, kitted up and ready to go. 

I'm going to give Mereth all the miniscule scraps, put the sewn strips on a hanger till I get all the blocks completed, and start working on another project that needs to be completed.  I do love the Dear Jane blocks, but they do my head in; I can't stand the confetti and the paper piecing doesn't allow for chain piecing, and I miss that.

I'm pretty sure the next thing will be the grey quilt, now that my fabric for the sashing is here.  I hope it looks as good as I imagined it would, or I'm back to square one.  The fabric I bought to fill up space in the mailing envelope is pretty nice, I'm admiring that daily and wondering what I'd like to do with my massive collection of blue prints.

Mereth and I discussed the weighty problem of Bonnie's new mystery, Easy Street.  We couldn't use her colours without buying a whole heap, which we're not going to do, so we came up with our own version in traditional repro prints.  We're going to share the sewing, and the finished quilt.  Bonnie's mystery is such a lovely tradition at this time of year, it adds to the excitement of Christmas and the holiday season.  Thanks Bonnie!


antique quilter 8:39 PM  

I had to smile when I saw your blocks on the wall
oh my just beautiful
my blocks sit in a box and I doubt I will ever finish this quilt . I have been thinking of just making another quilt with the blocks I have made so far, about 77 I believe. or maybe they should just wait to the inspiration hits and I finish the quilt :)
yours on the wall like this is inspiring though!

Tazzie 9:53 PM  

Oh my goodness Keryn, your DJ blocks are coming along so well! I didn't realise you'd made so many of them. Keep going, you're most of the way there!

Kerri 12:55 AM  

Way to go Karen! I have started up my DJ again, but have only a fraction done, but am determined. Thanks for the show and tell it is so motivating. I'm squeezing in bonnie's mystery since i had so much fun last christmas season. ( I actually had the colors in my stash more or less, so no buying, yeh) and have shop sample to do, but hoping to keep DJ going.

Sue SA 9:22 AM  

Dear Jane progress is very impressive, I am sure there are more then a few that are UFO's. I like the fact that you have already sashed some, gives you a hint of finished product...a good motivator!
Decided not to weigh into Bonnies mystery, because we have so many family commitments AND the colours are nothing like my stash BUT your idea tempts me...repo's now we're talking! So looking forward to following your version.

Britt 1:06 PM  

This is my first time doing Bonnie's mystery and like you I'm doing them in repros. A friend is doing the mystery in Bonnie's colors. I'm curious to see if we will be able to tell that we used the same pattern once the quilts are complete.

I love your blog, you make such wonderful quilts! I enjoy scrolling thru your archives and visiting the quilts I want to make...someday.

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