Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I'm slowly getting back into sewing mode, working for two hours on one small block, but happy to be taking so much care with the details.  Sometimes I want to sew up a storm and get a pile of blocks done quickly, but slow and painstaking is what suits me now.

 I have 6 new blocks on the design wall, and  5 more prepped for hand work.  It feels great to be making progress again.

While I work slowly on this project I can ponder what to start next.  When we were at the Central Markets in Adelaide we visited the secondhand book stall.  Mereth insisted I buy this book, even though the weight of it gave me second thoughts. 
 I made DS Rhys carry it while we finished the rest of our shopping.  It's got some lovely quilts pictured, with detailed full page photos.
 I'm still drawn to chain quilts, and to double pinks and indigos.

And this block is unusual; I already have 5 of the centre Double Anvil in my Orphans box, and I could make Flying Geese units to surround them.  This definitely has possibilities as my next project.

I love being able to add wonderful books to my library.  Once the hot weather gets here and we're trapped indoors in the airconditioning I can get out a stack of books, my notebooks and graph paper and spend the hours with my favourite antique quilts.  With a pot of tea.  And some fruitcake.  Sounds good.


MJinMichigan 12:36 AM  

I love that quilt with the double anvil center. Geoff's Mom Patterns has a pattern for it and I've been thinking about making it for a while. I assumed it was inspired by an antique quilt but hadn't seen a picture of it so I'm glad you showed the book it's in. I haven't looked at that book in a long time but I'm going to pull it out and take a look at that quilt. Maybe that will give me a push to get started on it.

Sue SA 4:28 PM  

Oh thats a good way to spend a hot day...thats what I tend to do in winter, dont know why I didnt think I could do the I might just enjoy the heat this summer! Are you going to the quilt show?

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