Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's raining today, proper autumn rain, and therefore I can't shift any more boxes of stuff.  I had a clear conscience about spending the afternoon in the sewing room, where I managed to finish the Stack&Whack quilt. It's a lousy photo, but there was no natural light and the fluoro light was pretty pitiful.

  I love it, it's so pretty and intruiging with all the different patterns swirling through it.  It was a fun quilt to make, I'm very glad I bought that material in both sizes.
I found the book that the new madder quilt came from, and the original pattern was called Road to California.
I've cut a whole heap of strips for the blocks, but I haven't tried to match any of them up for individual blocks yet.  There are so many parts to this block, I'll be able to sew the 4 and 9 patches for ages before I have to make any more decisions.  I'm looking forward to these, but there are other things to do first.

I unfolded one piece of treasured fabric to find a fade line on it. 

It's about 12 years old, so it's been in the stash for a long while, but it's still disappointing to find that materials deteriorate like that.  I've used it in countless quilts over the years, so I suppose they will all end up fading too. It didn't stop me using it in this quilt though, I just cut around the fade mark.  One of the things I love about old quilts is the unpredictable way the colours have changed, so I'll trust that my quilts will end up being charmingly faded, not dreary and washed out.

The dogs don't have much logic to the way they think.  In their minds, the cure for boredom is going for a walk.  They've been lying around all day, eyeing the wet weather outside and sighing dramatically.  Then one of them will bounce up to me 'I'm bored with all this rain.  Can we go for a walk???' When we get to the door they stop and turn to me 'It's RAINING!!  I'm not going out in that...'  Five minutes later, 'Can we go for a walk??'  It's going to be a long night.


Gypsy Quilter 12:34 AM  

Absolutely gorgeous quilt. Sometimes pups need chewy bones to get them through rainy days. I have to buy the extra large size for Dolly. Glad the weather is allowing you a sew-time break.

Patti 6:09 AM  

I've found so many fade lines through the years. I think we'd get them even if our fabric rooms had no windows, because I know artificial light can also fade fabric. The cure, I guess, is either walk-in closet storage or cabinets with solid doors. The problem with that - even if we had the money and/or room - is that we couldn't see the fabrics. And I get so much inspiration just from looking at them! So I cut around my fade lines too. So far I've found them in inexpensive fabric I've had for a long time. Let's hope the quality quilt fabric we've had available the last 15-20 years is more fade-resistent.

Sue SA 7:09 AM  

I love the way the different blocks "match" yet stand out and meld together...amazing that they are all from the same fabric, the effect overall is great!

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