Thursday, April 25, 2013

The photo below is the first customer quilt done on Millhouse in the new workroom; lots of indigo fabrics, subtle and subdued, it turned out well.  Now that we know everything is performing properly itwill be full steam ahead on the other customer quilts.

We need to do lots of tidying up, and sort out the threads;

how did we ever get this many?  It's so lovely to have the right thread to match almost any quilt, so I will never complain about the thread stash, but it needs to be a bit more organised in future. 
 There is lots of lovely natural light to match threads to fabrics, which makes the job so much easier.

We've left two comfy chairs in the shed, for those times when we can have a leaisurely coffee break, and also for some of our elderly clients, who appreciate a place to sit and catch their breath.
 This tapestry fabric looks dreadful against the yellow/green walls, so I think I will need to make some loose covers for them.  I'll just whip them up in my spare time.

I'm trying very hard to get my sewing room set up, but nothing feels right just yet.  I'll keep moving things around until I hit on the perfect placement for my machine, and ironing board and cutting table.  I feel bereft without my sewing.  I'm still making tiny bits of progress, up to 7 blocks now, and more units ready to go, but so far I haven't had a marathon sewing session and I miss it.
It's my favourite time of year, when the potted crysanthemums for Mother's Day hit the shops; they haven't arrived just yet, but my garden has supplied me with armfuls of flowers.
I love being able to walk out and pick as many as I want.  I have some beautiful colours, but I just know that I will buy another 6 or 7 new ones this year. I can't seem to resist them.
My gazanias are loving the mellow sunshine these days too; this is one of my favourites, it's like a plaid flower.   So cheerful and pretty, I say hello to it on my way to the workroom each day.


Jan 8:09 AM  

Your blocks are gorgeous - just love madders and browns. I've heard some people say they can't tolerate brown. What's with them?!

Gypsy Quilter 8:51 AM  

So very glad to hear Millhouse is ready to roll. It seems as if you've cleared the last hurdle. I've seen some neat ideas on Pinterst re-covering / slip-covering furniture with canvas painter's tarps, the off white ones. Looking forward to seeing all of the new quilts you'll be churning out this winter.

Patti 10:16 AM  

Oh my - I absolutely adore these blocks! I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt progress. I, too, am a madder and brown lover. Along with loving the rest of the colors too LOL!

Tazzie 7:29 AM  

Thank goodness Millhouse is up and running again, that must have been a very stressful move for you!
Be sure to have a great weekend

Unknown 11:14 AM  

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