Sunday, April 07, 2013

The jobs are getting ticked off the list, but I"m running out of energy.  It doesn't help that I have a horrid cold/flu/fever thingie that is laying me low, or that I've been working at this extra stuff practically all year.  I can see the finish line, just have to keep going, even if I crawl across it.

Shed is done except for one little piece of moulding that needs a second coat; just couldn't face that ladder today, so it will get done tomorrow.  We've hauled away all the rubbish left by the tradesmen, and swept the floor so it looks a bit better.  Next up is to move all the furniture down, but that will just be plain exciting, so I won't complain about that.  Mereth still has several quilts to do on Millhouse before the move, which will likely be next weekend when we can rustle up some strong men to help.  And then I'll put it all back together like a gigantic puzzle.

My living quarters are really cramped, but I love being here and having my garden right outside the door. The roses are putting on a lovely show of flowers for Autumn, so I have fresh flowers on the kitchen table every day.  There are buds on the crysanthemums too, which makes me happy, I will have lots of flowers to pick this year.  And it's time to choose the new roses I want, it's a very exciting time of year.

  I have set up a sewing area, but it isn't very convenient, and I don't like sewing in a less than perfect setup.  There have been moments when I could have made a block or two, but I wasn't really tempted.  I hate having to juggle the iron amongst all the cords and clutter on the table, but there just isn't enough room right now.  I did spend an hour sewing with Bonnie tonight, and just patiently sewed and pressed and moved things as I went. 
It wasn't ideal, but now I have the parts for 7 blocks sewn together, and it will be fun to add the focus fabrics to these to make them come alive. 

I only need 20 of this block, so I'm nearly half way there on the pieced units, it's amazing that such scattered efforts can mount up over time.  I'll just keep at it, and pretty soon I'll have space for a whole sewing room, and I'll be able to spend hours sewing in my ideally arranged area.  And if it ever gets cold I'll be able to knit and spin and hand quilt too, but it's still too warm for that.  Summer seems to hang on longer each year.


Kim 8:32 PM  

I can attest that those stolen bits of time do add up. All hose years with a little one, my sewing time didn't get started until after 9 pm!

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