Sunday, March 31, 2013

We all put in a good days work yesterday, and now we can't go any further till we get another tin of paint.  It was so annoying to run out, but there was no more in the shop on Thursday, so it wasn't our fault.  I'll be tearing in there on Tuesday to buy that final can, which we were assured would be there by then.  There is one wall left to put the final coat on, and some filling of gaps and tidying up, and then the real work can begin.

Mereth painted for a few hours and then went back to the candlewick quilt on the Statler, while Doug and I slogged on.  He made putting the second coat on the ceiling look so easy, whereas Mereth and I laboured for hours to get that first coat done.  The second coat is always easier, when the paint is going on over more paint, but he was able to reach higher than us too.  Mereth threatened to take a picture of me using the roller on the ceiling, she said I looked ridiculously short; well I AM ridiculously short!

With Doug weilding the roller on the walls I chose to do all the touching up and cutting in, and climbed the 4m ladder about a hundred times.  I was weary at the end of the day.  I recently read all through the archives of Becky Goldsmith's blog , and while I greatly admire her applique, I admire her skill with a paintbrush even more.  My gosh that woman can work!  I don't really like painting, and I hate rollers with a passion, so I really respect someone who does a good job painting.  It's so not me.

This latex paint doesn't want to come off either, I'll have to attack my hands with some orange oil later, to get rid of the yellow-green drips.  Don't  you love choosing a colour from the colour cards, like a nice pale ochre-green, and when you take the lid off the tin it's like 'Wow!  Citrus screaming yellow green!!'  I keep saying it will be cheerful in winter.  The photos look nothing like the reality, it's more like this, but much, much greener. Sigh.
What to do with myself today?  The garden was watered by the gentle rain last night, and it's too muddy to work out there.  I think I will sew some strips for my Road to California quilt, and tidy up some things, and do some cooking.  I hope Mereth is enjoying her day off too, she's been working very hard on the workshop and helping me move, and she deserves some time off.  I just hope she shows up when the next round of work is set to begin.......


Patti 3:32 AM  

Looks like the color of my sewing room - and I love it! It is very cheerful when we have gray skies and the rain is falling.

Cactusneedle 11:45 AM  

I know what you mean about the paint colors! We just painted the master bath and the colors look so much darker than the paint chips, but when you put the paint chips against the walls, they are identical! lol

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