Sunday, March 17, 2013

I always knew March was going to be a tough month with all the extra work, but my gosh, it's been even harder than I imagined.  There were so many things going on anyway, but toss in the loss of a family member and it became that much harder.  It's been an emotional hard slog, as well as physical.  However, (I hesitate to say the end is in sight, not wanting to jinx it and bring on another calamity) Doug and Bev are back after extending their trip by two weeks, Mereth is back and doing her job again, and I don't need to look after their gardens.  The weather is so much kinder on us all, and I have accomplished most of the move back to the hall.  All that's left is the mopping up of remnants left in the house, and the cleaning.  I hand the keys back on Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to Thursday, knowing that I have done what I had to do.

My place looks like a crowded secondhand furniture store.  But I have internet again, and that is truly wonderful.

My shed is fully lined, but not quite finished yet.  The electrician has been working, and promises that the power will be hooked up tomorrow.  I think the first time I put on the lights and turn on the airconditioner I just might have a little cry.  It's been such a long wait to have a workspace that is bright and comfortable and efficient.  Even the bank building had it's drawbacks, it was a freezing pit in winter and too hot in summer, and it leaked catastrophically.  It was beautiful though....

So after the power is connected it will be time to move the Statler, which is daunting, but I've done it once before so I'm not as apprehensive this time.  Doug will help paint the walls and floor, what a good brother he is!  So there is still plenty of work to do, but the results will be well worth it.

Will I fall in a heap then and just rest?  I hope I don't.  I hope I take all the energy that I have and throw myself into setting up my new living space.  And my sewing room.  I haven't sewn a stitch in two weeks, I'm itching to get back to my projects.  My deconstructed sewing room is scattered throughout the big room of the hall, tucked into corners where I can't get to it until we move the Statler down into the shed. That's an incentive to get moving.

Every year we choose a word for the year; this year it's Connect.  I'll let you know how that goes.  A couple of years ago my word was Onward, and I found that such an encouraging thing to say that it has become my second mantra. My number one mantra is  I Can Do This.  I'll bear both of them in mind as I tackle the next few weeks of work.


Gypsy Quilter 11:05 AM  

Having been out in the yard all day raking, burning leaves, hauling dead tree pieces, and digging up fence stakes I was sitting here feeling pretty satisfied with my day. Until I read your post. I think you're winning! We're looking forward to seeing your next project, wherever and whenever it happens.

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