Sunday, March 03, 2013

Yesterday John, Liz and I took the dogs to Telowie Beach.  It's very flat and shallow, not a beach for swimming.  You have to fall over to get your knees wet.

 Meet Digby, the dog that John and Liz are fostering (I think he's part of the family now though).  He's an odd mix of breeds, Kelpie and maybe Chihauhau?  Very slight and lithe, unlike our little armoured tanks.
I don't know that Pippi is really at ease with him yet, he gets excited and yips and yelps and she doesn't know what to make of him.

We  walked out to the water's edge, and when we got there realised the tide was on it's way in.  Because the beach is so flat the water comes in quickly, without a sound, which is quite un-nerving.  It travelled at walking pace, we had to keep moving as we took photos, or it would noiselessly overtake our feet.

That little speck in the distance is someone's 4WD.  In under a minute the water came in this far; shortly after I took this photo someone came hurrying down the beach to move the truck.

I love this action shot of Dolly in pursuit of a seagull.  She's never going to catch one, but that doesn't stop her trying.


mereth 10:13 PM  

Go Dolly! Pippi looks very well covered, like a fur seal in it's winter blubber. she'll have to go on a diet when I get back...

Henrietta 2:48 AM  

Hope springs eternal in the canine breast. Digby is cute, it Hawaii we would call him a 'poi dog'

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