Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm making good progress on the Log Cabin blocks, and enjoying every bit of it.  I've used up all the strips that were already cut, so I went through the stash and chose some of my favourite blues and greens.  I do love using blue  and green together, it's my favourite combination I think.

I'm up to 24 blocks, which build into 6 big blocks;

 I promise I will take a decent picture in sunlight, so the colours show up properly.  I'm getting hotspots from the lamps I'm using, next time we're in town I'm going to a lighting shop for some specialist bulbs.
I love this block, it's a Goldilocks block;  not too light, not too dark, not too dull, it's juuust right!
I can't keep my strips in neat little piles though.  I rummage through and find what I want, and then cut some more, and it's chaos.  I tidy up and it's neat until the next block gets made, and then they're flung all over the shop again.  It takes too much energy from me to keep them sorted.

Our trip to the beach was good fun. This is the newest member of John and Liz's family; his name is Khan, and he's a rescue dog. 
 He was found on the streets in Adelaide, very close to starvation, and rehomed.  That didn't work out though, as there were grandchildren that he wasn't comfortable with.  Liz literally saved him from death row; it was totally unplanned, but those things work out for the best sometimes.  He's a lovely dog, very friendly and responsive now, but he was a bit aggressive over food to begin with.  That's understandable, he was just skin and bones when Liz brought him home.  John worked hard to assimilate him into the family, and it's wonderful to see how they have bonded.  Khan takes all his cues from John, and is always watching him and looking for approval. 

It was very exciting at the beach, with six people and four dogs, and Khan got hysterical and shouted at John while they were playing. He was clearly getting a bit full of himself, so John grabbed his collar and made him calm down.

"Sorry Dad, won't happen again."

He can look quite wolfish; our guess is maybe a Belgian Shepherd, Collie cross? 
His growl is terrifying, which makes him a good watch dog, but his manners are pretty well perfect with us.  He must have been someone's pet before he ended up on the streets, he has such a beautiful nature and is very social.  Makes you wonder what his story is, but we'll never know.  It's been a pleasure to watch him put on weight and grow a new coat and realise that life isn't such a scary struggle any more.


Sue SA 8:43 PM  

Log cabins looking gorgous. Nice to know that the dog escaped death, when it was never his fault he was abandoned.

antique quilter 2:06 AM  

Love the blocks I just love log cabin quilts . how nice they rescued him and that he is well behaved! your right a bit scary looking makes a good watch dog!

regan 6:43 AM  

Those log cabin blocks are so beautiful! I love the's so soft and quiet. And dog Kahn is beautiful! What a sad life he's had, but now he's in good hands and is living it up! So nice!

Gypsy Quilter 9:32 AM  

Can't wait to see your finished log cabin . .. always inspirational. Way to go on the rescue of Khan. If he were from the US, I'd say he had some timber wolf in him with that long slim nose. I've found that with each of my rescue dogs, it takes a different length of time to acclimate them. Just depends on what they've gone through and for how long. So glad Khan has found his forever home.

Jan 10:58 AM  

Kahn is a beauty - I love a good rescue story.
Your blocks fooled me at the first pic - I really thought it was an old quilt! Beautiful blocks; one of my favorite color combos, as well.

Karen 4:12 AM  

I try to be neat with strips but my good intentions soon result in a pile like yours. I like log cabin blocks very much. Any way they are sewn. I agree that yours have a nice combo of light and dark.

Sandy 3:30 PM  

Good story about the dog.
We rescued our cat five years ago, who was abandoned in our neighborhood, then injured. He makes us very happy!
Your Goldilocks block is beautiful, and I agree, "just right". I look forward to seeing the quilt as it progresses.

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