Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's a rainy Saturday here, and I'm enjoying the fact that I have to stay inside and sew.  It's cosy and comfortable and I'm getting lots achieved.  Dolly is devestated of course, there will be no walk this afternoon, but she has a horror of getting rained on so she won't set foot outside.  Bed is the best place for her on days like this.

Last week I took my pile of blocks down to the workshop and photographed them, they look lovely in the sunlight. 
I like what I"ve done so far, the next lot of blocks will have a bit more brown in them instead of black, and I'll stay with the blue and green combination.  I've made 44 blocks so far, just over half way; I think I"ll be stitching away on these for quite some time.

I was using my Double Anvil blocks as leader-enders, but I got sick of the piles of madder and black and brown fabric everywhere, so I changed tack and went full steam ahead on them.  I can't seem to just sew one thing at a time, but at least I'm never bored.
 I've been watching a lot of Harry Potter, Transatlantic Sessions and Antiques Roadshow in the last few days, which helped me to get all the blocks made.  Now I'm puzzling over the right border to surround them.  I ruled out a single fabric early on, and decided I would like a pieced zigzag border.
 I tried two versions, and much as I love the dark one, it's just too heavy for this quilt. 
I'm pretty sure I'll be using the light zigzag with the black and red triangles, I just haven't decided which fabrics to use.  I could do scrap, but I very much want to have this cut out and stacked up ready to sew.  If I fiddle about with 54 different fabrics it will take ages and the mess will drive me nuts. 

This was a quilt designed to use up a lot of oddments from other projects, which it has done; I'm surprised at how much I like it, those strange large prints make it very interesting.  It's been so much fun to sew, I've really enjoyed it.  But any scraps are getting donated to Mereth; I won't let them be the start on another quilt in these colours, it's time to move on to the blues now.


Karen 5:35 AM  

The Double Anvil quilt is making my heart sing. I want to throw everything to the side and start stitching blocks like yours. The zig-zag border idea complements the design so well.

The log cabin blocks are pulling at me too. The blues and greens surprised me being in the mix but it works so well.

Hard to imagine you still have left-overs to pass on to your sister. I take in left overs from a friend but I can never get her to take any of mine as she says she has way too much fabric already.

Gypsy Quilter 8:08 AM  

Both quilts are exceptionally lovely. Your color choices, as always, inspire me. What size strips are you using for your log cabin blocks?

Jan 10:56 AM  

Love 'me both! That border idea is so cool!

regan 1:16 PM  

These are both so beautiful! The border is fantastic, red & black or scrappy.....I love 'em both! :o)

Sue SA 2:21 PM  

Log cabins are looking beautiful, blue and green is a great combo. Just love that pieced zig zag border, you are so dedicated to sew a sample in light and dark!
I normally hoard my scraps, but starting to realise that is space invading nightmare. So I have started giving them to a friend who makes super small hexi's into scrap quilts. I am also getting rid of lots of strings teaching the Grade 1's to string piece QAYG.

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