Monday, July 01, 2013

Log Cabins old and new

Recently I went through the cabinet containing most of my tops awaiting quilting, and found my first ever quilt.

This was made in 1974 or 75, entirely from dress making scraps, with the exception of a little remnant I bought when I ran out scraps.  I made it for my mum, as a surprise, and she loved it and used it for 20 or more years.  It wasn't properly quilted, so I took it back and pulled the layers apart, intending to get it quilted and returned to her, but that didn't happen.  It's still on my list of  Things That Must Be Done, but it's not anywhere near the top.

I sewed the scraps to a foundation of old sheets that had belonged to my great-grandmother; Mum pulled them out of the rag pile for me, but had no idea what I was doing with them.  I worked out a grid of guidelines for the block and made a master pattern, then traced it onto all the foundations.  It was a lot of work, but even at 16 I could work obsessively at something. I tore the sheets to make the squares, which wasn't really accurate, so there was a lot of fudging when it was time to sew the blocks together.
And I really should have adjusted the stitch length to something a little smaller....
and ended the threads off properly.....
However, this little top has seen a lot of service and never fell apart, so even if it wasn't well-made, at least it was made.  It makes me feel very nostalgic for my patchwork beginnings, while I sew my latest Log Cabin blocks together.  I seem to have improved somewhat.

My internet is being flaky again, hence my lack of posting.  I've also been babysitting a friend's farm while she and her hubby had a much needed holiday. 
My job was to look after the 30odd chooks, and her precious cats, which I managed to do. 
This mama hen hatched out 10 babies while I was there, but she wouldn't get up so I could take a picture of them.  
I loved collecting the still warm eggs in the morning, but I really don't feel any affection for chickens. Eggs yes, I love eggs, but my friend can deal with the chickens, which suits the both of us just fine.


Diane-crewe 12:29 AM  

the fun of not knowing what you are doing is that you just get on and DO IT! no worrying just having fun... and your quilt worked and was loved x what a host of memories it contains xx

antique quilter 12:49 AM  

I love log cabin quilts, I think its getting to see so many different fabrics, so many different settings and when I think of old antique quilts log cabin just comes to mind
I can make these forever and never get bored.....
fun to reevisit quilts we made years ago isn't it?

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