Friday, July 26, 2013

The plaid quilt is in one piece now, and I reeeaally love it.

 I made the corners that way because I didn't want to have plain butted corners and I couldn't be bothered mitering them, so I added those little HSTs.

I'm working on the pieced backing, trying to use up scraps left over, and once that is done the plaids will be packed  away in a much smaller box; when I've collected a new lot I'll make Plaid No2.

It's back to the Log Cabins this weekend, I'm getting sick of the material for that lying around in untidy piles so I cut out enough pieces for the next 20 blocks. 
I have 50 finished and 20 in various stages, and the end is in sight for this project too.  I daren't think about what to do next, in case I get sidetracked and abandon it again.  I'm so flighty.

On Monday we went to Jamestown to get a backing for a customer, and pick up some tablets from the vet.  We walked the dogs on the oval, where some other people were playing with their dog.  Dolly had to be persuaded that stealing an English Mastiff's soccer ball was not such a good idea.  She was convinced she could take on a dog five times her size, and I would have taken photos except I had my hands full of a defiant little madam at the time.  She's so obsessed with soccer balls, she would run through fire to get one. 

The batik stash is growing slowly, I don't have enough to fill even a small basket, but it's a beginning.  I will enjoy choosing each piece over time, and eventually the time will be right to start a quilt.  It won't be for a while yet, which is a good thing; I have plenty to be going on with.

We stopped at the opshop in a neighbouring town, and I bought this canvaswork picture for $1. 

It's professionally framed, with a double matt and thick glass, and on the back it has a 1959 date. 
The stitching is beautiful, very evenly done  and in perfect condition.  I know most people don't value this sort of thing, but a dollar?  All that work and artistry, for $1.  It's going to live in the workroom and be admired from now on.


Nancy 8:59 PM  

Your plaid quilt is beautiful. I like the primary and secondary patterns created by the blocks.

Diane-crewe 12:57 AM  

I LOVE brown and dont know why some folks moan about it x it looks warm and soft xx well done

Anonymous,  5:41 AM  

I LOVE your plaid quilt! Your quilts are always so lovely!

Jan 10:34 AM  

Wow, I really love it, too! Perhaps you won't be able to resist buying more plaids after all?
It is a shame how handmade still doesn't have much value in so many people's eyes. Whoever made that pretty piece of stitchery would be thrilled that you are displaying, and enjoying it.

Sue SA 4:20 PM  

I love the plaid quilt, especially the half square triangle borders, cute.

Margs Primitive Quilts 6:43 AM  

Your plaid quilt is Absolutely Gorgeous! I just love the colors in it, just a lovely combination.Thanks for sharing...Marg

Sandy 6:46 PM  

I see why you love your plaid quilt - its stunning, and I love it too! Your corner treatment makes it curiously unique, always a plus in my book. I'm itching to get at my plaids and do something - I've got three stacks of them! - but they're way down on the project list :-(

That needlepoint picture is beautiful! Great find!

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