Saturday, August 17, 2013

I must have known that I was going to be really busy, and that's why I did so much sewing while I could.  The last two weeks have kept me working on lots of varied projects; designing new quilting patterns, quilting and binding 4 customer quilts, fixing website stuff, judging the quilts and crochet at the Crystal Brook Show, and then arranging the exhibits afterwards, not to mention cleaning and cooking and family visits.  There hasn't been much spare time, and if there was the dogs demanded to be taken for walks.  Hopefully the next few weeks won't be quite as busy.

My sewing room is still terribly untidy, and not much has been put away after the last spate of quilts.  I'm still trying to get the backing for the plaid quilt in one piece; I have lots of spare triangles, and I'm using them as leader-enders, but I can't seem to get to the end of them.  (I might just put them in the bin and not tell anyone.)

 There are 1 1/4" strips everywhere, so I dug out the old Log Cabin blocks and I'll add another round of strips to each block to make it bigger.  That should use up a lot of smaller scraps, and then I'll decide how many more of these blocks to make, if any. 
The cross blocks are ones I made two years ago, and I'm still waiting for inspiration to strike, as far as setting them together goes.  They will probably go back in the box, because nothing has occurred to me yet.

Yesterday, in a small window of time between other jobs, I pulled out the Bloc Loc ruler that I purchased a while ago and made some Flying Geese to see if it worked. 
 It was fun to use, and the little units turned out exactly the right size, which was a relief.
Of course, I then had to made a block with the units I'd made, so after a bit of planning in EQ7, and scrabbling through the scrap drawers, I came up with this Wild Goose Chase block.
 I've been wanting to make a pink and brown quilt for ages, and this will fit the bill nicely.  42 of these should keep me busy for a while.

There's really no explanation for this then.
Except that I've been planning to make a blue and brown quilt for years and years, and I thought I could just make one or two in this colourway every now and then.
You can even use the Bloc Loc ruler to trim up the corner units in this block, that's pretty neat.
I can't decide whether to make the blue or the pink blocks first, or both at the same time, or.... Maybe I should go clean up the sewing room while I think about it.  There's not going to be much sewing time in the next few days either, I have lots of other things to finalise, so I should have come up with a decision by the time I get back to them.


Dasha 4:14 AM  

Don't bin those triangles Kerryn. Do a giveaway - there's bound to be a bunch of people out there who would love to have them.
Love your Wild Goose Chase blocks, both colourways. If pressed, I would say I prefer the pink ones I think.

Vicki 6:34 AM  

How about both pink/brown and blue/brown alternating in the same quilt? Love your Flying Geese blocks!

Sue SA 3:26 PM  

The log cabin looks great, makes me itching to start one too, alas too many other WIP. The brown and pink Flying geese are gorgeous, but I like both colour ways, such a lovely block.

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