Friday, August 23, 2013

I got waylaid by work, and not much extra sewing was achieved.  I seem to have regular periods of lots of work and not much time to myself, and then slower times when I can get into the sewing room and sew for hours at a time.  I'm still in the work phase unfortunately, there have only been scattered minutes for sewing lately.  I need a mental health day soon, just to work on all these projects.

This is my design wall today; the strips for the plaid backing on the left,

the latest Log Cabin blocks on the right; Wild Goose Chase below, and a stray block using the 1.25" strips.  The blue Log Cabin blocks are sitting on my table in a pile, all 80 of them.  I still haven't decided on size, or setting for that matter.  Looks like I've let myself be distracted yet again.

The multi-colour LC blocks I'm working on were started many years ago, to use up spare 1" HSTs from another project.  I worked out I need 80 blocks and I have 32, and plenty of strips cut, so I will just plod along on them.  There ae so many fascinating variations possible though, I have to fight hard not to get distracted yet again. 
This would be such a cute block; I can play with those ideas AFTER I've finished the 80 blocks I need.
I did make a block of concentric squares, just to see if it was fun.  It was, and the idea will go into the queue for later. 
It's not good for scraps, as you need specific amounts for each round; when I do get around to this block I would cut strips from yardage, not just scraps.

I've been looking through this book, and it's full of ideas for quilts using my 1.25" strips. 
I'm still cutting up bits and pieces, more than any one quilt would need, so all the ideas will help use up the stack.

 This is like a quarter Log Cabin, I love that it looks like hearts.
Another Log Cabin variation, and that border would use up a lot of fabric too.
If I ever get sick of Log Cabins I can branch out into Pineapple quilts,
or Spiderwebs.....

What I need to get done this weekend is to finish the binding on DD Seonaid's flannel quilt. 
I've done so many bindings on customer quilts lately, this got shoved to the back of the line.  It will be lovely to sit and stitch the binding down while I watch a movie; then it's only a matter of arranging a visit to Adelaide to I can deliver it.  I'm very glad to get the last of those chenille edges finished, there's purple fluff everywhere.

The panto is one of mine called Stitcherie, that I really like for modern quilts, nice and swirly and open.  The flannel quilted up beautifully, I hope it keeps her toasty warm for the rest of this winter.


antique quilter 1:33 AM  

love, love, love the log cabin blocks, had to smile that book is out on my desk right now
its a good one for inspiration isn't it!

Sandy 7:08 PM  

Wow. Everywhere I look, someone is making log cabin blocks. Are the powers that be trying to tell me something? "Sandy... its time to make another log cabin... " Yours are stunning with the triangles in the middle. I agree, all the layout possibilities could drive a person bonkers.

Also love those scrappy sawtooth strips. Did I read right, those are for the back of a quilt? How lucky the recipient of that lovely gift!

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