Sunday, September 08, 2013

 No time for blogging lately, there's too much work to be done. 

I'm hoping that after this week we'll have dealt with most of the urgent jobs, and then I can take some time to sew for more than 15 minutes at a time.  Those little amounts of sewing do add up though, I have only 1 round to add to the last 17 blocks and my scrap Log Cabin blocks will be ready to put together.

I was watering the garden on Saturday evening when a little bird landed on the fence next to me.  Dolly thought it was Suppertime, and tried to grab it, but I beat her to it.  It was a battered little budgerigar, and it was in no fit state to leave out.  It sat in a shoebox while I went and borrowed a cage from a friend, and then proceeded to eat what seemed like it's own bodyweight in bird seed.  She was a hungry little thing.
I've put up notices advertising her, and her cage is safely on a cabinet out of Dolly's reach; now I just have to put up with Dolly re-enacting scenes from Tweety and Sylvester.  Pippi will be just as fascinated I"m sure, she's a bird dog whereas Dolly is more into small mammals.  I hope someone claims the budgie before I get attached to it....

I seem to have aquired another machine, a Benina 121 in very good condition.  It was for sale in the neighbouring town, and I couldn't pass it up, being so close and all.  I've been so busy with work that I haven't even had time to sew on it, I'm looking forward to some playtime with this little sweetie.

 The garden is full of spring flowers, but the work is never-ending. 
 Any spare time in daylight hours sees me out weeding or potting things on.  It's very satisfying, but I feel like we're racing the hot weather this year; it's going to be a hot and nasty summer I fear.

A recent trip to the patchwork shop in Jamestown saw two more FQs of batiks added to the collection.  The stash is coming along slowly.  I will have to start considering which pattern to use on my inaugural Batik Quilt.
That's my spare time done for the day, off to work on two huge custom quilts.  I'd rather be gardening, so I'd better get them finished quickly.


Diane-crewe 12:34 AM  

its lucky you were there when the poor bird collapsed into your hedge x hope it recovers soon x
LOVE log cabin blocks xx
Hope your summer is not too hot .. although here in the UK it has been the hottest fro over a decade .. not hot by your standards .. but DEF by our .. so I hope you have ac xx

Dasha 3:54 AM  

Hi Keryn, Just a comment - you have used the word "her" when referring to the budgie, but in the photo you posted it looks like it has a bit of blue above the beak (can't remember the official name for that bit). If that is correct, then it is a male. Females have a beige bit above the beak, the males blue. So glad you found it and were able to save the poor little thing.

Sue SA 2:44 PM  

Glad you rescued the budgie, hope you are able to find its owner, but he might have flown a long way from home, given his hungry state?
Looking forward to seeing the log cabin after the final round.

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