Saturday, October 26, 2013

Today was a nice blend of work in the garden, a sewing session, and afternoon tea with a good friend who arrived bearing cupcakes. 

I was up early, and got my projects organised so I could watch the latest Quilt Cam with Bonnie while I sewed.  I love the archives of Quilt Cam; I don't panic if I miss seeing it live, because I can watch it whenever it suits me.

Dolly used to jump up and bark when she heard Bonnie's voice, but now she just opens a weary eye, snorts and goes back to sleep. 

I managed to sew several Road To Oklahoma blocks, and worked out some details on the other blocks I"m making.  I know I said something about working on the Wild Goose Chase blocks, but for some reason I felt compelled to make a trial block of another pattern that has been on my to-do list forever.  I really can't decide if it's better to stick with one thing only, or just racket around sewing a bit here and there.  I'm definitely happier if I work on multiple projects, so I will probably continue on my merry way, sewing on whatever takes my fancy.  I often feel guilty about that, but I try not to.  There aren't any rules here, it's about enjoying the whole process.

These are the colours I want to use in the new quilt,
built around this focus fabric.
 It's so much fun to start pulling fabrics at the start of a project,  it's one of my favourite parts of the whole process.  I always believe that this time I will be methodical and organised, and I believe that right up until my cutting table is covered in stacks of material, there are strips everywhere and I can't find the rotary cutter.  I live in hope that one day I'll get it right.

I was about to start cutting pieces for these blocks when I found a container full of them, along with 20 finished blocks. 
They will make good leader-enders while I work on the other blocks.  I do love this pattern, but I find myself  wondering what it would look like made with 2" strips instead; that would be awful cute.  Another idea to follow up.


Samplings from Spring Creek 5:57 AM  

beautiful fabrics and selecting the fabric is one of my favorite parts

Tanya 3:43 AM  

I too love the archived quilt cam of bonnie hunters. It's just like sewing with a friend. Totally agree enjoying the process is more fun than playing by the 'rules' :)

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