Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today I've been shuttling back and forth between bookwork and the sewing machine, swapping from one to another every time I got sick of what I was doing.  Early in the day the sewing was a welcome break from the tax matters, but as the day wore on I was relieved to stop working on those troublesome borders and go back to the paperwork.  My Wordy, Lordy Me, this quilt has been a lot of trouble and bother and it's still giving me fits.

The end is in sight though. I have the final triangle border to attach, and then it is DONE!  I love how it's turning out, but I've put so much effort into it. I know I have to keep on until it's finished, but there has been no time for anything else.
If I'd known how much work was in those little squares on point the whole lot might have gone back into the cupboard for another three years! And I had to change the border fabric too, that beautiful French General print was just a tad too light so this murky blue-grey was substituted.
I have the majority of the last border pieced together, I just need a few more triangles and then I can attach them around the outside.  I don't expect it to be easy, because very little about this quilt has been easy, but it's just something I need to stick at until it's all done.
I have an appointment with this pile of triangles, tearing off the paper and pressing them; if I get that done tonight I"ll be happy, so I'm off to watch NCIS with a cup of coffee and the waste paper bin.  Tomorrow I'll be all set to tackle that last border.


Reneeluvsquilting 3:52 AM  

It is so beautiful. You will be thrilled when complete. I love it!!

Gypsy Quilter 6:51 AM  

It's going to be a show stopper. And 3 years from now, you won't remember the pain. Thanks for sharing.

jude's page 1:04 PM  

Am loving your quilt, and am amazed at how much piecing you do in between your other jobs, and thanks for the detailed description and pics of your process.

Karen 4:54 PM  

The setting and border are so very interesting on this quilt. What do you do with all the quilts you make?

Unknown 9:01 PM  

I appreciate how you "talked it out" rather than just posting a pretty see-what-I-did picture! What's a sailor pen, though?
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