Friday, March 04, 2016

My parcel from Hancock's arrived, and it was fun to unpack.  Two things were back-ordered, so the total was 43 yards.  Hancock's are very generous with their cuts, so there was an extra 3 or 4" in the long lengths; I'm putting it in my fabric tally as 43 metres.  I gave two pieces to Mereth, so that took the overall figure down to 39m.  I must have been slightly insane when I ordered that lot!  I was definitely out of control.

I'm not going to feel too bad, because several big pieces are going to become backings
That red paisley is looking very orange in the photo, but it in real life it will be perfect for one of my red and blue quilts.  The wine bottles will go on the back of a quilt for a wine-lover in the family; the other two paisleys would suit a number of my tops, so I'll pull them out and see which ones look best.
Batiks!  I have very few blue batiks, so these will help pad out the stash.  I bought enough of the blue-grey for a border.  Can't wait to start the next batik project.
These blues from Marsha McCoskey are unusual, but they will liven up the blue stash too.
These are mostly 1 yard pieces; there aren't any plans for these yet, but I'm sure they will be starting points for new projects, especially the Betsy Chutchian florals.  Yummy.
This print is so gorgeous I had to get 2 yards; I think the range is La Vie En Rouge.  Maybe it will be a sashing, or alternate blocks, or a border.  I'm super happy to have this on the stash shelf.
So that's my huge extravagance for this year.

It's helpful to take photos of the fabric purchases; later on I will probably forget where all these pieces came from so at least I have recorded it here.  I used to keep a fabric book, but I found it hard to keep it up to date.  And photos don't take up any space on the bookshelves, so I'll probably keep doing it this way.  I just hope I don't have any more gigantic parcels like this one to upset my Fabric Tally!


Shasta Matova 8:04 AM  

So much beautiful fabric. Love the blues

Judy Dietrich 12:17 PM  

You have been moving fabric out of the stash, so some new colors & prints are needed!! I could work with any of the fabrics you selected---you have great taste!!

Gypsy Quilter 4:43 PM  

Ohhh what fun, new colors. Good for you!

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