Sunday, February 21, 2016

I spent a little time yesterday, preparing my new Leader-Ender pieces.
 The leftover 3½" x 1½"scraps were put in a tray along with a heap of 1½" squares, and I'll sew those together one at a time.  This cleared a lot of snippets out from the strip drawer, which is a good thing.

I sewed 1.5" strips onto 3.5" strips.
 dark onto light, and
 light onto dark.
Then I layered them together,
and cut 1½" slices.
Now I have a box of these units, which will be my leader-enders.  I'll sew them all into pairs,
like this,
 and that will make arranging them on the design wall easier.
At a rough count, I would need at least 720 units for a single bed quilt, so there's a lot of stitching to do before I'm anywhere close.  That's fine, I'm in no hurry.


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