Saturday, February 20, 2016

While I was cleaning out drawers I found a heap of 3.5" strips that needed dealing with, along with  containers of leftovers from two projects.

Those scraps measure 3.5 x 1.5" and are leftover from my Cracker quilt, and a cross quilt.  Time to do something with them instead of putting them back in the drawer.

I'd been thinking of doing a Plus quilt, they are everywhere at the moment, and this quilt plan of Mary's came to mind.  She is stitching it as nine-patches and spacer strips, but it can be pieced entirely out of  strips and squares.  This would be a good pattern for my odd collection of leftovers; I can strip-piece the long scraps, and just sew squares onto the already cut pieces, so it should use up all the leftover bits.

I sewed several strips together, cut them into 1.5" slices and threw them on the design wall.  The dark Plus signs float on a light background, and there are no seams to match.  Cool. They don't look like normal Plus signs now because of the seam allowances, but they will once the rows are sewn together.
 I liked it enough to keep cutting, and then decided to try it with light coloured Plus signs.
I like that too, so this is going to be my new leader-ender for a while.  I will have to sew hundreds of these little units to make a decent size quilt, so I'll be able to mindlessly join them and worry about the placement of them later. I'll decide later if I want light or dark Plus signs; all I need to do now is sew strips to squares.


Sue SA 12:46 PM  

I like this plus pattern, not so complicated as having all plus signs, whats not to love about a scrap pattern!

Mary Johnson 11:12 AM  

I love the one with darker pluses! I'm going to get back to work on mine today now that the kids have gone but I also have a scrappier version that I'm going to do next where every the spacer strips are pieced.

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