Saturday, February 20, 2016

Normally we spend at least two months moaning and complaining about the horrible summer weather, but not this year.  There have been horrible days, but not weeks of it like we usually have.  There is only one week of February left, and only three hot days predicted, and then that's the end of summer 2016.  I know, we sometimes have have high temperatures well into April, but I can handle those because Winter is approaching at last and the cool weather is in sight.  The dogs have been much more comfortable this year, being able to stay outside in the shade instead of locked in the A/C.  It's been a lovely summer, compared to some of the shockers we've endured.

I kept thinking about the fabric numbers from my spreadsheet, and wondered what 93metres of fabric actually looked like.  How much have I actually removed from the stash, in terms of sheer bulk?  So I pulled out a heap of pieces that I knew were full FQs, or 1m or 2m cuts.  When I got to 50m the cutting table was full, so I figured I should just imagine two lots of this, gone from my stash. Well Done, Me!

50 metres of fabric
It was an interesting experiment; that is a LOT of fabric to have shifted, but it's a mere fraction of the overall stash.  I would like to keep reducing my fabric on hand, and 50m a year sounds very achievable.  My aim now is to stack up 50m of fabric to sell, or use in backings, or to give away.  I have an Enormous parcel chugging across the seas towards me, and I need to make room for it on the shelves.


Karen 4:32 PM  

Isn't the excitement of new fabric on the way a delightful thought. Enjoyable to look forward to. I received two packages this week and two more on the way. Not much yardage in any of the packages but still fun to open.

Dasha 10:54 PM  

What an amazing experiment!
If you are on FB there is a FB group called Aussie Patchwork Fabric Destash Group. Could work if you want to sell some of your stash.

Sue SA 12:45 PM  

Its scary when you start realising how much fabric you own, so good on you for tackling it head on. One of my friends sold some of her older stash (on this destash online group) to finance new purchases, because she didn't like it any more. I try and use my unloved fabric as backings and charity quilts using the Bonnie patterns. But perhaps you might need to give that volume to a charity sewing group. Is Lessa still running her mystery charity quilts to raise money for Bedford?

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