Saturday, February 13, 2016

First thing this morning I ran a row of stitching around the edge of the borders of the Sister's Choice, so that all those seams are held secure.  They can come undone so easily while it's being loaded on the longarm, so now I won't have to worry about that.

I'm pleased with how it turned out, but halfway through that pieced border I realised that I could have made a nice crib quilt out of all those 2"squares;
 it was a nice idea, but I have fabric that would have looked just as good.  Why doesn't this sort of thing occur to me Before I start?  Never mind, it's cheerful, big, and most important of all, Finished! Well the top is.
This is the third finish for this year, and a total of 23m of the stash used.  Unfortunately there have been a couple of trips to Spotlight and the Jamestown patchwork shop.  25m has been added; I'm a bit appalled at so much, so soon in the year.  The total is only going to get worse, because I was very, very bad at Hancocks the other day.  I will have to find backings for about 10 quilts to wipe out that fabric debt.  When the parcel gets here I'll be equal parts shocked and happy.

In 2015 I used 126m, and bought 65m.  In 2014 I I used 170m and bought 138. (Really!! 138m!!) So in the last two years I've used 296m and actually decreased the size of the stash by 93m.  (Those numbers include backings and bindings that I made and are stored with the tops.)  In a way it's impressive, but I could have done so much better in the buying department.  As in, not bought so much.....

It's Operation CleanUp here, I have to set the sewing room to rights before I start dragging more fabric out and making another mess.  I'm going to shift a few things around, just because I'm bored  and want to see something new.  It will be the same as the pieced border; I'll get halfway through and think it's a really bad idea, but I'll have to go through with it.  At least it will be easier to vacuum all the hard to reach place while I'm moving furniture.


Mad about Craft 6:31 AM  

Another beauty! I do love this pattern and there is one of these in my future!

Karen in Breezy Point 7:42 AM  

You may not have used any yardage, but that scrappy border is the perfect finish! I'm so impressed with how you keep track of your fabric usage and purchases--maybe if I did that, I would be a little more careful about buying more. Needless to say, I did some big damage at Hancock's last week also-lol!

Sue SA 1:08 PM  

I love rearranging the furniture, it starts with me cleaning, then moving things around, then the joy of giving the hidden bits a good clean (under couch etc) and ends with me not cleaning the rest of the house cos I am so tired with rearranging the furniture, re hanging quilts on the wall and trying to get all the electrical items near enough to a plug so they can work! Ah I love rearranging! Pity about the buying...not! You have been using your fabric up, just there is a limit to the amount of hours in a day you can sew!

Tanya 3:14 AM  

Great idea keeping a fabric diary, i do that. It keeps me accountable for my spending and keeps me on track with my usage. Doesnt stop me buying tho lol.

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