Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Last week was exciting!  My first grandchild arrived, with a little bit of drama; Seonaid developed pre-eclampsia and was hospitalised, then induced. Things never got out of control, but it was a bit stressful waiting for news. 

 Everything was fine in the end, and we welcomed Isla Rose into the family.
She is a delicate little girl, only 6.5 pounds, and is a very calm, patient baby.  She was born on my son's birthday, which we think was excellent timing, as there's no chance of forgetting the date. Her uncle thought it was the best birthday present.
So now I"m a legitimate grandma, not just practicing with my great niece and nephews.  I'm looking forward to this!


Gypsy Quilter 8:14 AM  

Well isn't she just the most beautiful grand darlin'. How lucky you are and of course your daughter too. Congratulations grannie.

Karen 11:52 AM  

Congratulations, she is beautiful. Holding that precious life is just the best feeling.

Sue SA 12:35 PM  

Oh how sweet she is! Congratulations on becoming a grandmother in your own right, may you get many more grandbabies to adore, but the first one is always special.

Unknown 5:24 PM  

There is nothing like the first.

Chookyblue...... 3:23 AM  

congrats and enjoy your little grandie........

jude's page 1:35 PM  

Congratulations grandma, she is beautiful. Bit of competition for sewing time now!!

Diane-crewe 1:54 PM  

congratulations .. beautiful photos x

sewyouquilt2 1:05 AM  

congrats. she is so beautiful. enjoy. it is the BEST

Jayne 4:47 AM  

Many congratulations to all. Glad to hear that Seonaid and Isla Rose are doing well.

Lori in South Dakota 5:03 PM  

Congratulations Grandma!!!

Jayne 9:30 AM  

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