Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10 days into the new year, and finally I have time to stop and look around and decide what I'd like to do next.  I spent 10 days at my DD's place after Christmas, and I've been back again for another weekend, which hasn't left much time to myself.  Add in family visits and work commitments and it's no wonder that my house is still in upheaval and my sewing room is unorganized.

I'm going to pack away all my spinning gear, it's too hot to be working with fleece at the moment, so it's just taking up room in the sewing space.  I started spinning samples of two Corriedale X fleeces for a Fair Isle project, one grey and one nearly black.  It's a challenge, spinning the two colours to be exactly the same thickness, but I'm learning how to gain more control.

I'll keep knitting the sample and decide exactly what patterns I want to use, and when the cool weather returns I'll be able to start spinning and knitting in earnest.  This hot weather is the perfect time to wash fleece tho, so I'll tackle that over the next few weeks.  And I just might start experimenting with dyeing, I've always wanted to try that.

I started cutting out a red and white quilt, from some Judie Rothermel reds that have been maturing in the stash for about 6 years.

They are from a range called Quaker Quilts, and I've been trying to find the perfect project for them for years.
I've got enough to make two or three quilts, so I'll cut out this one and I'll keep looking for another pattern to use up the rest of them.  I want to use them all together, I don't like them mixed up with my other reproductions, and I should never buy them again after this.

I've finished all the Economy blocks, and this afternoon I'll cut out some Flying Geese units for a border.
I'm going to sash it with a cheddar fabric that is about 15 years old, an oldie but a goodie.  I'm not sick of the Square In Square blocks yet, so I may pick out another pattern using them.  I've always wanted to make a Rolling Stone quilt, I may consult Pinterest on that.

Nephew John is moving house on Thursday, so it will be all hands on deck to get that accomplished smoothly.  He and Liz are expecting twins in May, and a bigger house is a necessity.  Mereth and I are more than willing to help with the babies, once they arrive.  It will be fun to have a photo taken of the twin babies and twin Nanas.


Sue SA 12:49 PM  

Your red and white quilt blocks looks crisp and smart, will be a great project in this fabric range.

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