Sunday, January 29, 2017

My number one task for the weekend was to deal with the overflowing scrap containers on my cutting table.  I religiously keep all the leftovers and snippets and strips, and then don't store them sensibly.  I can't utilize them if they are a jumbled mess, so it was time to do some organizing.

There are so many layers, dating back several quilts, it's like an archaeological dig.  By the time I've excavated down to the bottom of each container I've revisited four or five projects.
1.5" strips and squares
It didn't feel very rewarding at the time, but I kept going. Only sheer determination kept me pressing and stacking, then cutting and stacking, until there weren't any more scraps to deal with.
3"strips and Square In Square parts
I should have felt even mild triumph, but my over-riding thought was 'I'm never going to do THAT again!'
Strips to send through the Go Cutter for triangles
It was a whole morning dedicated to a couple of boxes of bits that I had no immediate plans for.  In future I either deal with these little bits during a project, or I just donate them to someone who adores them (Mereth!!)
Totally random strip sizes
But look, there is my cutting table with not a thing to clutter it up.  I can start cutting for new projects any time I feel like it.
Of course that will be sooner rather than later, because another quilt from the Quilt Divas bok caught my attention.
All those 1.5" strips need to be cut up into something, so I worked out the dimensions of this block using that size strip. The blocks in the quilt shown are 4"and the pattern in the book makes a 5" one. Mine are 5.75" roughly, because I can't be cutting strange sizes for a hundred or more blocks.
Talk about cute overload!  I can't wait the make a heap more of these.


Karen 12:23 AM  

I agree that the block is cute, cute. I don't cut scraps into strips and squares as you have done. I use them for applique. Smaller bits are given either to someone who makes mini quilts or donated to the church thrift store (they don't even make it to the sales floor as someone buys all I donate).

Gypsy Quilter 3:02 AM  

You're an inspiration to us all. I've been trying to get into my sewing room and do clean up for weeks. The chimney sweep block is wonderful. May have to join you for a sew-along. Thanks for sharing.

mereth 6:05 AM  

I'll relieve you of the scrap burden any time you like!

Sue SA 6:44 AM  

Love this block, and the dark in the center framed by light - is it a more complicated (more pieces) version of the signature block? Either way I love it and is a great use of skinny scraps.

Chris the Quilter 4:53 PM  

I'm more than happy to buy scrap bags!

Looks like the beginning of another beautiful quilt

Holly 5:59 PM  

I love catching up on all your quilting. My scraps are a mess too. I started cutting 1.5" - 3" squares out of them, and have a eight layer plastic bin box where they are stored by size. I make small quilts with them as a break between larger projects. I look forward to making them, so am motivated to clean up the fabric scraps.

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