Monday, January 29, 2018

Goodbye scraps

Lordy me, the weather has just been insane!  It was 45º yesterday, the worst day of this summer.  Then today it's 25º with a breeze that makes it seem even cooler. 20º difference from one day to the next is a bit extreme, but I'm just grateful that it's cooled down.

I've used my time today sorting out the sewing room.  I am done with the scraps, they are making me miserable and I can't find anything I want in the mess, so I'm donating them to Mereth, or (gasp) throwing them away.  It may seem a bit drastic, but I was overwhelmed with all the baskets and boxes and piles that needed to be dealt with.

This is the first installment of what I gave Mereth;

there is more than this, because I dug down to the bottom of some very old containers and pitched heaps more stuff out.  I'm being ruthless, and it's easier this time round, because this stuff has sat there for 6 or 7 years and I haven't touched it.  I'm certainly not going to miss it now.

I found pieces of blocks left over from projects, and I sewed them into blocks and put them in the orphan box.  Soon I will go through that too, and make a scrappy album, or backing, or donate the whole lot to someone who wants them.

It's been boring and irritating; all those decisions make my brain ache, but I can at last see the difference so I'm going to keep at it.  I want to be able to take a photo of my sewing room and see surfaces, not towering piles of fabric and project boxes.

On the sewing front, I'm up to the dull stuff.  It was so much fun to keep swapping from one thing to another, but now I have to buckle down and finish them.  There is still blue fabric everywhere, and I can't put it away until I put the borders on the blue squares and the Hunter's Star.  I have one more row to attach to the Hunter's Star, and then I can design the border.  I will do a piano key for the squares, so that's fairly easy and will be a good leader-ender.

And the Pretty Tumblers needs one more row and then it can have borders.  That will be three tops finished if I can just stick at it.  Alas, I'll be off to Adelaide on Wednesday, so there won't be much achieved until I get home.  And on the 18th of next month I"ll be helping Seonaid out for a month, while she works a festival and a concert.  I'd better make sure my hand work is ready by then.


Jeanne 3:06 PM  

I did the same thing with my scraps recently -- tired of feeling burdened with them, so away they went and I have a fresh start :)

Karen in Breezy Point 1:12 PM  

I've been sorting through my fabrics also--some I don't even remember purchasing! Thankfully I have several places I can donate, as well as the trash basket, although that's a tough one to do--lol!

Karen 5:23 AM  

I want to dig in and play with your scraps. Why is it that the other person's scraps look more interesting than what is in our own pile!

Chris the Quilter 3:29 PM  

I love OTHER people's scrap stash!!!

am currently making "Omigosh" by Sue Garman, uses a ton of one inch strips.

also making 3/8th inch hexagon flowers, again cut from one inch strips. Maybe one day I'll finish it to decent bed size!!

Jayne 12:46 AM  

I had a major sewing room sort out last month and it also included (shock!) throwing away some really crummy stuff and donating unfinished projects to a charity shop. My room feels so much nicer without the junk :)

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