Friday, February 09, 2018

Playing catch-up

The last post was written more than a week ago, and I forgot to actually hit 'Publish'. Then I went to Adelaide and was very busy there, and only discovered the poor old post languishing unread when I got back.  So I just published it anyway, even though it was all out of date. 

I'm too hot to think anyway.  The temperature this week has ranged between 102 -114ยบ, and I'm ready for a cool change on Sunday.  Just one more stinker of a day to get through.

I had a lovely time in Adelaide, helping Shonny prepare for a family get-together to find out what the next baby will be.  Hayden was away working when she had the scan, so she didn't peek at the screen, and asked the technician to write down the babies sex, and put it in a sealed envelope.  The envelope went to a lady who makes up party balloons, and only she knew what colour balloons and confetti to put in a giant black balloon.  On the day of the reveal, poor Hayden was so nervous, he almost didn't want to break the balloon in case it was pink.  I had my 'It's a girl, how lovely' face ready, but I didn't need it.  BLUE balloons.  I'm going to have a grandson.

There were three toddlers present when the balloon popped, and all the adults yelled in triumph, and the babies cried and cried at the huge noise.  But they got lots of celebratory cuddles, and we were all so overjoyed.  Hayden has had a boy name picked for 8 years, and finally he will get to bestow it on his son; Thomas Charles.  Love it.

Shonny's only half way through this pregnancy, and I'm wishing and praying good thoughts for her, because we don't want the drama of Isla's birth to be repeated.  Here's hoping the arrival of little Thomas is drama free.

So now I can try and get some sewing done, and finish cleaning up the sewing room, and put the house to rights before I set off to Adelaide again.  I'm determined to make some progress on the borders, and to get my handwork project up and running.  I just need this weather to cool off and I"ll be sewing madly.


Tammy Hutchinson 9:05 AM  

Looks like great fun but did you know that balloons are very dangerous for children? Here is a link to more info-

Sue SA 2:11 PM  

Congratulations! So exciting. Fingers crossed for a great last half of the pregnancy, an easy birth and a sweet son who is a great sleeper/feeder! Well I say wish for it all, it cannot hurt!

Jayne 12:48 AM  

I have never seen anything like your "what sex is the baby" shower, the exploding balloon is something that doesn't seem to have reached England yet :) congratulations to all

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