Sunday, February 11, 2018


Well that took most of the day, but the borders are on and this top is finished at last.  
It's heavy, and those last borders were a struggle, trying to support all that weight and guide it through the machine smoothly.  I had to sew a bit and then take a break till my arms and neck relaxed, then I'd go back and do a bit more.  It was very sensible of me, normally I'd grit my teeth and soldier on, and damage myself in the process.

It looks very impressive, completely filling my design wall.  I'd like to leave it there for a while, but I need the space for the next project, which will be the last row and the borders on the Pretty Tumblers.  I don't think I can take any more blue, at least not for a few days, so I will do the borders on the blue squares quilt at a later date.

Last time I went down to Shonny's I was surprised to see this quilt on her bed.
She pinched this as soon as I finished it, and took it back to Emerald with her.  It's been packed away in storage since she came down here. I'd forgotten about it, but there it is on her bed.  She bought a set of blue sheets, and had to have a quilt to match so went digging to find this.

It took a colossal amount of blue scraps to make this, and I had a lot of fun piecing it. I do seem to fixate on blue though, don't I?  Nice to see it being used again, and extra nice that my girl appreciates my quilts.


Karen in Breezy Point 8:39 AM  

I love both of these quilts so much--fun and scrappy! I have the Hunter's Star die and have made a blue version also. I hope to someday make a multi-color scrappy one--I need to start using those dies more than once--lol!

Rose Marie 10:18 AM  

Both are .... oh, so lovely! I'm a blue girl, too and can admire all your scraps you used.

Sue SA 12:31 PM  

They both look good, blue and white is a classic, always worthwhile!

jude's page 6:24 PM  

It looks great, and I do love a blue quilt. And you border just finishes it off nicely.

Carolyn 5:48 AM  

Your quilts are lovely. I love blue, however I have recently gravitated to red. Oh, and scrappy quilts, oh and hand dyed fabric. I think I have a problem.

Karen 6:49 AM  

Did you make the Hunter's Star quilt with one of those special rulers? Your quilt is very well done.

Jayne 12:49 AM  

Your Hunter's Star is quite beautiful, one that has always been on my "list" but never made.

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