Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Nine-patch scrap

I don't want to take the Hunter's Star off the design wall just yet, I'm enjoying seeing it there.  I can't work on my other projects until the design wall is empty, so..... nine-patches it is.  
I have heaps and heaps of 1.5" pieces in boxes and baskets all around the sewing room, so I collected what I could easily find and put them in the project box for Tumelo Trail.  These four-patches will be built into nine-patches leader-ender style, I have boxes of 1.5" squares as well.
I like the completely scrappy nine-patches, but I'm going to use these ones in two fabrics just to get them out of the orphan pile.  They are left over from my Double Nine-patch quilt, and it's time they found a home.
Lots of white prints in the strip drawer, so I don't need to cut any just yet.
And I'll be using up lots of little ends of strips to get the variety I need.  I don't have a colour scheme, I just want to get things used up, so anything goes.  It doesn't take long for the finished blocks to build up, but I need 200 more, so there's a fair bit of sewing ahead of me.  I like knowing I have everything set for a few hours of sewing happiness.

I picked up another sewing machine in Adelaide; I've wanted a Pfaff for 15 years, but never found one at a price I was happy with, or that was close enough to pick up.  This one came from a lovely quilter who upgraded, and I was so delighted to have her old machine.  I'm going to name her Pauline, after Pauline Rogers of Quilter's World in Toowoomba.  I taught quilting workshops there for many years, and Pauline always loaned me a Pfaff to demonstrate on.  I fell in love with them, but in those days I couldn't justify the expense of a new machine when my old one worked perfectly.

I'm going to get Pauline Pfaff set up with her new 1/4" foot, and stitch my nine-patches on her, fine-tuning the seam allowances and getting used to her Pfaffy ways.  In future, when I say I'm just faffing around, I might just mean sewing.


jude's page 2:23 AM  

I love my Pfaff, and I am sure you and Pauline will bond just fine.

Carolyn 1:40 PM  

It must have cooled down. You sure are going to town sewing!

Gretchen Weaver 6:34 PM  

You certainly have been sewing and creating lately. I enjoy your posts, keep them coming please!

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