Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I'm keen to be working on another top, but there are other things that keep demanding my time.  We had a meal with friends on Monday night, 10 of us got together for dinner under the stars at Deb's place.  I cooked two veggie dishes that afternoon, so there was no sewing time then.

It was a beautiful evening, drinks at sunset, dinner served at dusk and stretching into the night.  It was good to relax and just be with friends, and appreciate the garden filled with wisteria and roses.  Delightful.

I finally made time at the sewing machine and put the borders on the Checkered Lattice quilt.

I love the way it turned out, so different from my usual palette.  It was fun to make, I would definitely make another one if I needed a quick quilt.  The thing that took the most time with this was trying to find the border fabric; I haven't even thought about the backing and binding, I don't know I have anything suitable in these colours, so I will have to keep looking when I'm next in a patchwork shop.

This is the fourth top I've finished this year, which is so much better than last year when I finished exactly none.  I have two other close-to-finished tops in my project boxes, and I think I will work on one of those next.  It's a good feeling to cross these old projects off the list.


Gypsy Quilter 7:48 PM  

Gorgeous top. So glad you got to spend time under the stars.

Carolyn 5:45 AM  

very nice top. I also am finishing old ufos and it is a nice feeling to have a finish.

Megan Flynn - Independent Papercraft Consultant 3:14 AM  

Wow your quilting is amazing, Feel free to jump on over to the Happy craft challenge and share your work in our online monthly challenge, we love all handmade craft. Look forward to following more of your awesome quilts.

Karen 8:36 AM  

I don't remember ever seeing the checkered lattice style setting. How interesting it looks.

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