Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I've been easing back into life at home, pottering about and fiddling with projects here and there.   Mereth and I have had fun going out to dinner with friends, catching up with family, having coffee in a new coffee shop.  Both of us spend so much time helping with our grandkids, it's nice to just have time on our own, without the babies.  We miss them,  but we're never away from them for long anyway.

I've been spinning in my spare time, which I find really relaxing and absorbing.  Once I've decided what sort of yarn I want to make I just have to concentrate on keeping the thread the right thickness, until I've filled up the bobbin. Patchwork involves decisions all the time, which is what makes it interesting and exciting, but it takes a lot of mental work as well.

These two are going to be plied together to make a jacket for Isla for next winter.  Plying handspun with a commercial yarn  makes the handspun thread go much further.  It feels a bit like cheating, but I'll be knitting much sooner than if I had to spin another bobbin.

 I made a few more of the little blocks over several days, just fiddling with pieces, until yesterday I decided I needed to make some significant progress.  It involved a bit of tidying up first, because the sewing room is still a mess, and there's a lot of new fabric to organize.
 I'm entirely OK with that, I've been buying for projects, not just for stash, so I will use a lot of these straight away.

Once I had a clear cutting table I went full steam ahead on cutting pieces for the border. I cut and sewed, until I had enough pieces on the design wall to see that my border idea was going to work. 
It's like a piano key, but the widths of the strips correspond to the blocks, which will make it easy to attach.  I'll invent some sort of corner block when I get to the stage of assembling it all.  I have about one third of the quilt in one piece, and all but 25 of the blocks finished, so the end is in sight.  I'm getting excited about seeing this come together.

I was really making progress, until I spilled my coffee all over the cutting mat and a pile of freshly cut strips. As a child I was always known  for being the clumsy one in the family, and it hasn't changed apparently.  I don't know if the strips will be usable after being washed and ironed, they may shrink.  Oh well, they can go in the scrap bag for some crumb piecing.  I think I'm going to ban myself from drinking coffee at the cutting table in future, I can't be trusted.


Karen 5:44 AM  

You always make the best scrappy quilts.
Many years ago, my sister had a spinning wheel and made use of it. I have not known anyone else to do that.

carolyn ensminger 6:15 AM  

I love how this quilt is turning out! Just beautiful. I'm also envious of the time you get to spend with the grands. Our first was born in August and we've not gotten much time to spend with her. I'm hoping that will change once my daughter goes back to work and her normal routine begins again. At the very least we should see her most Sundays at church! As for the coffee...you need a no spill coffee cup. I have one I love from Contigo...insulated and the lid has an automatic seal cover that closes the opening when you are done drinking. It's perfect and available on Amazon. It's the only cup I will use for tea in my sewing room!

Gypsy Quilter 7:04 PM  

The new quilt is going to look marvelous! They actually make coffee cups that keep your coffee hot AND have a lid that closes. Amazing! LOL

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