Thursday, January 31, 2019

I doubt that my scrap project is going to become a Leader-Ender.  I just want it done and all the scraps dealt with; I gave Mereth two lots yesterday and I don't regret that at all.  One was my collection of triangular scraps, which I've been meaning to cut into useable sizes for years.  Hasn't happened, so I gave it to her, and she probable went home and did it straight away.  We are very different in our attitude to scraps.  The other lot was 1.5" strips that were short, and I was sick of trying to use every last scrap, so now they're gone.  I'll be cutting more 1.5" strips to finish this quilt, but I"m fine with that.

I like going through my stash drawers, weeding out any bits that are an eighth of a metre, and then cutting them into strips or HSTs.  That seems like progress, and fun, but using up every last ragged strip is not what I love.  I don't like having to work with random colours, just because that's what is left in the scrap bag.  I've made some scrap quilts that I thought were genuinely ugly, and I don't  have enough time left to make ugly quilts.  Even if I'm quilting into my 80s or 90s, I want to make beautiful quilts, not ones just for the sake of using up the fabric.

One of my problem with scrap quilts is that I'm not comfortable until I've made a pattern out of the randomness. I wasn't enjoying the layout of these blocks because it was such a mish-mash of colours and values, so I decided that I would make blocks with a medium value square in the centre,

then link them with a pieced sashing that contained only lighter squares.
That calmed it all down in my eyes, and I'm happily working away at finishing the blocks now.

Another problem to solve was the triangles at the edge of the quilt. 

I ended up using a pieced triangle to finish the edge. and I like how that looks.  I can get so hung up on a detail that I can't do anything else until I've worked out a solution.  Another way that Mereth and I are different.  She would go on calmly making blocks until the solution presented itself, and I'm all about forcing the issue to be solved.  Do I have control issues?  I think that I'm scared it will become a UFO if I don't deal with it straight away.

I have almost all the blocks I need for this quilt now, due to some epic late night sessions, so I'm looking for ward to putting it all together. 
I need 14 more ninepatches, hopefully these pieces will be enough or I'll have to keep cutting and sewing. If I end up with two many leftover strips I have plans to make another of these with the light-dark values reversed.  And I have a couple other patterns in mind if I have anything left after that.  But there's no way I'll be doing them as Leader-Enders.
I rather think I'll go back to these 3.5" Puss In The Corner blocks as my leader enders; I still have plenty of them kitted up, and they are so quick to put together.  I always have a Plan B.


Shasta Matova 5:54 PM  

We each have our own way of making quilts, and I am glad you have found what works best for you. This quilt is so beautiful - a great way to use those scraps.

Gretchen Weaver 2:23 AM  

This is a very, very pretty quilt and a great way to use up fabrics. Happy stitching!

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