Monday, February 04, 2019

And then it was Febrary...

I don't like the idea of our months flying by, but at this time of year it means we are getting closer to autumn, so I'm not going to grumble.  My problem is when my favourite seasons fly by as well; I could live without summer quite happily.

Luckily we've been having a few cool days in between our record-breaking heatwaves, so there's time to catch up on chores and get back into the sewing room.  I'm equally inclined to sew, and to clean and sort, and I'm alternating between them.  I know I'll be able to sew in peace if I make the sewing room tidier and more organised, but I just can't keep away from the machine for long.  Marie Kondo has no idea what it's like to want to create things, all the time.  Throwing stuff out gives her joy, whereas keeping it all gives me joy.  I'm not a convert.

It's hot again today, but I hope to spend my time in the workroom, cutting pieces for new quilts and maybe doing a jigsaw. I didn't get to do my Christmas jigsaw, so I feel I'm owed one.  I love vintage ones, they remind me of childhood Christmas days, settling in after lunch with the latest jigsaw and broaching the tin of toffees.  Back when I liked sugar that is, now I wouldn't eat a toffee if you paid me. 

My scrap quilt is coming along, it's nearly half way finished.  I'm enjoying it, but looking ahead to what I can work on next.  I have a string quilt project picked out, which will create even more mess, and cause me more anxiety, but in my clean up I've discovered many boxes of itty bitty scraps and strings. 

This will be my last ditch effort to use them.  Once I get sick of this, they're going in the bin.  Mereth is doing a Log Cabin with 1" strips, 1/2" finished logs.  That's a bit extreme for me; she can have any of the strips that are cut to 1", but the ragged strings are in the bin if I don't use them.


Gypsy Quilter 6:34 PM  

That sure is a beautiful top. Perhaps the strips can hold up tomato plants.

Gretchen Weaver 4:04 PM  

Your scrappy quilt is so lovely! It's your sewing room, you don't have to put stuff away if you don't want to. Marie's not going to come to your house and start throwing fabrics away. Happy stitching!

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