Thursday, February 14, 2019

I'm just back from a trip to visit the family in Adelaide.  I was only supposed to stay 3 days, but it's so hard to leave, especially when Isla begs me not to go home and wraps her arms around my neck to make sure I can't make a move for the car keys.  She loves having me there, I'm her private audience to listen to all her songs and stories, whereas Mum has to take care of the house and baby as well.  Being a Nan is a very important job these days, making sure that Isla doesn't feel left out. So I stayed 5 days instead.

I was so sewing deprived that I made another 10 string blocks as soon as I got home, staying up way later than I should have.  I'm trying to put the blocks together as I make them, so I won't have a huge assembly job at the end.
I'm still really enjoying them, though the mess is reaching colossal proportions as the little snippets from the strings build up.  I'll put a heap of them in the bin this afternoon and tidy up the strings that are left and try to be a bit more organised.
I went a bit mad at Spotlight and bought a heap of clearance fabric; a lot of it is for a quilt for Shonny, so I'm excusing my extravagance.  It was all very cheap, $1 per FQ, so I picked up some bargains.  It's inspiring to have new fabric to add to the projects on the go.

I'm collecting blue prints to repair the quilt that DS Rhys wore out; I still haven't found the exact blue I want for the borders, but these fabrics will help replenish my depleted blue stash. 
I chose the material with 0s and 1s because it's binary, and Rhys' work is some complicated computer thing.  Full-stack Developer, whatever that is.  The damaged quilt was backed with fabrics depicting things he liked, Coke, dogs, fishing, tropical fish, WW2 planes because both his grandfathers were in the Air Force.  So now his involvement with computers will be on there as well, patching the holes he wore in it.

My sewing machine is ready to be collected, so I'll dash into town tomorrow and pick it up.  I'm not really desperate to have it back because I'm still immersed in the strings, but it will be nice to know it's ready and waiting for me to get back to my 9 patches.


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