Sunday, February 24, 2019

Nearly done

I've been sewing late into the night lately, in an effort to make progress on my scrap-busting project.  I can remember sewing on the indigo and pink version all those years ago, and thinking 'This is taking forever!! Why can't I get to the end of this thing!!!'  And that is exactly what I'm thinking now.  I've put an awful lot of hours into this top, and it's creeping towards a finish.  It's only 65 x 74, I can't understand why it's taken me so long, and then I remember that they are tiny pieces, and I got diverted by the string quilt, and there's all the usual life stuff going on as well.

I stayed up til 2am last night, in an attempt to get it in one piece, but I had to call it quits, with one last seam to go.  The end is in sight, and then I can start on the borders.  I'm tossing up between a pieced border and just plain fabric; it will take a while to try out the options, so I don't think it will be done today.  But I can move onto something else.
The string blocks are all made and just need to be joined together, then I can start auditioning ideas for borders for that.  I gave Mereth a box of leftover strings, as a starter for a string quilt for her.  She doesn't have boxes of scraps like me, because she cuts scraps into useable shapes all the time.  I've tried that, but it doesn't last long, then it's back to chaos again.

We seem to have a lot of old cots around here, and I deconstructed a vintage one to make a rack for my blocks and ironed fabric. I also have the base of a modern cot to play with, it's a bit wider.
They both need a coat of paint, but that won't happen while it's so hot.  They're proving to be useful, and take up very little space.  Pinterest is full of ways to repurpose cots; in my day cots lived forever, always being passed on to another family, not cut up to make chairs and planter boxes.  I suppose back then no-one was really sure there would be no more babies in a family, so you had to have a circulating cot for the next child.  (And we didn't buy $1000 cots either.  I feel very out of step with the latest generation sometimes.)  But those old cots are unsafe and illegal to put a baby in, so I guess at least they can live out life as a hallstand, or fabric rack :)

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Karen in Breezy Point 9:07 AM  

What a great idea for your cot (we call them cribs in my neck of the woods). Did you add extra slats? I still have my son's crib and the spindles are spaced pretty far apart so wouldn't be too useful. I hope you find time to finish your scrappy project--it's wonderful!

Maureen 10:08 AM  

After all the time put into that quilt, I don't think I could even consider a pieced border!
I love the way we use different words for the same item. In the US, we call it a crib, and would never use a cot for a baby as thete are no sides. I have a 51 year old crib that will never be used as a bed, but now I know what to do with it!

jude's page 12:29 PM  

I can identify with you as to feeling out of touch with this generation, and love your quilts, well done.

Gretchen Weaver 4:59 AM  

When sewing late at night, it's always wise to stop before the last seam. For me, too often that seam gets sewing wrong and then it's unsewing! She's a lovely quilt. What a great use of an old crib. Happy stitching!

Quilting Babcia 6:33 PM  

Lovely projects! It's much more enjoyable to stop and rest than spend the next morning unpicking a mistake - ask me how I know! Your rack is a wonderful repurposing project and so very useful.

Lori 6:12 PM  

I'm loving the cheddar in the string quilt!!
And your other scrap buster is a real beauty!!

Juliann in WA 7:09 PM  

That crib idea is brilliant! And I love the yellow in your strings.

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