Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Stocking Up on Triangles

My determination to sort out my stash saw me going through scraps and the stash drawers lately, and setting aside bigger scraps and those bits of fabric that are only an eighth of a metre.  They just clutter up the stash drawers, and make things untidy, so I'm on a mission to use them to restock the triangle containers.  I use triangles all the time, in 1", 1.5" and 2" sizes, and it's easier to make progress on a new project when there is a stash of triangles already waiting.

I cut up a heap of fabrics today, and now I'm sorting the triangles into stacks as I watch TV.  It's a nice repetitive chore, very mindless, and I can actually watch the TV instead of listening to it.  It's a nice change of pace.
I need to cut even more dark 2.5" triangles so I can start work on this Country Cousin quilt, which was a leader-ender last year.
I used up all my triangles making the North Wind quilt; I need to add more so that I have a good choice.  I'm including black fabric in this, and shirtings, so it can use up all the black scraps that I don't usually include in scrap quilts.  It's nice to have a place for them at last.
 I've uncovered even MORE boxes of scraps, as I dig right down to the bottom of my storage containers. This happens because I love cutting, I don't like to put things away, and I hate making decisions.
Every time I go to use my scraps I think, Oh this is really nice, I should save this for a Good Quilt.
Every quilt is a Good Quilt, surely.  As I sort through all these scraps I'm putting aside the ones that I hesitate over, ones that I don't want to 'waste'.  They're all going into a separate drawer, all in together, and then I'll choose a pattern and Use Them Up!!!

  I should have 'Out of sight, out of mind' embroidered on a T-shirt.  All these hidden scraps are certainly driving me out of my mind.


Sue SA 11:25 AM  

I find it hard to deal with the scraps as I make them, so started a basket i could drop them in so they were all together. But I have done just the same thing you have described, kept them in different places and now driving me nuts! I love scraps but sometimes you just want to see some progress, that you have used them! Good luck.

Holly 3:07 PM  

Hello! I too have the same problem. I also have the very largest plastic storage bin full of scraps. I have started cutting up leftovers and sorting them for scrap quilts. But I've yet to start on the storage bins. I love new fabric.... but also hate to cut it up! Bravo for you getting it done!! I know it will be a few years until I'm ready to do it. I've built a new studio space off my deck, so need to move it and get busy. Organizing will hopefully help empty my bins too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Shasta Matova 9:58 AM  

I hear you. I'm right there with you. I've been working on clearing my scraps too but cutting them up and finding a project to use them in.

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