Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hand piecing Progress

Last year I began a hand-piecing project, to work on when I'm away from home.  That was all of a year ago, and I've not made much progress.  When I'm in Adelaide I'm too tired at the end of the day to sit and stitch, and the daytime is totally devoted to the grandkids.  Don't want to miss a minute of them.  So my sum total is one block, incomplete, because I haven't decided what colour I want those corner squares to be.

I'd also pieced the centre of another one, but when I went to sew those halves together I realised that I'd fussy cut from two separate places in the fabric, and they didn't match.
The pattern on the fabric is mirrored on alternate stripes, and I didn't realise that when I was tracing the templates.

Then I lost the fabric and couldn't cut new ones, so nothing more happened.  But yesterday I came across the fabric, in a very unlikely place; who knows why I dumped it in that box instead of putting it in the right place. I found a quiet moment  and, with much concentration, I cut the needed pieces to complete both black stars..  Fussy cutting has certainly slowed this project down; brought it to a standstill more like it.


Karen in Breezy Point 7:56 AM  

That is so disheartening--glad you found the fabric and were able to rectify that! The stars are beautiful!

Carolyn 9:50 AM  

Keryn, maybe now that you've unearthed the fabric again you will continue to make progress. It's too lovely to be set aside forever! Even a four block table mat or three block runner would be so pretty! I totally get your spending every minute with the grandchildren...now that I have one I don't want to miss a single second when I'm with her!

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