Saturday, March 09, 2019

String Finish

I decided the other day that I wasn't leaving the workroom until the borders were on the string quilt, so I got to it.  It was 8pm when I turned the machine off and threw the top onto the design wall.  I didn't even trim the last border strips after I ironed it, because I was a bit tired and wanted my dinner.

The lighting makes that pink around the outside look dreadful, it's much lighter in real life. 

I'm pleased to have it finished, and pleased that it used up a pile of strings and that dark cheddar fabric.  Now I need to choose a backing, and hopefully it will also be something that needs to be used up and moved on.  It's a good feeling when something finally makes it's way into a project.

I'm glad that this top and the scrap one before it are done at last.  I feel like I haven't sewed on my other projects in months; in actual fact, I've been stuck on those two for two months.  I'm going to dig out another project and make some blocks and forget about the strings for a little while.

That will be after I finish cleaning up my sewing room, though.  It's a fright.  And I'm actually going to show photos....


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