Wednesday, March 06, 2019

The weather has been lovely this week, and I'm celebrating by rearranging the furniture in my sewing room.  I don't know why I have these compulsions to shift every last thing in there, but it's a regular occurrence.  Having done that, I have to clean up the mess I created, and then get used to the new set-up, including the fact that I always lose something in the process.  Oh well, it's a hobby. On the plus side, I always find something that's been missing, so it all balances out.

I haven't been able to sew much, because of the furniture shifting, but this afternoon I took the scrap quilt down to the workroom and vowed I was going to finish it.  It took till 8pm, but I did it. 

While I was sewing on the third border I did question the wisdom of pieced borders.  They involve a lot of extra time and effort, but the result is usually worth it once they're finished.  It just doesn't seem a great idea when there's a long way to go.
But it was finished in the end, and I threw it up on the design wall, with two other quilts behind it, and called it a day.  I'm happy with how it turned out, it's very light and pretty, not at all what I imagined it would be.  But it's a nice surprise.

Next up is borders on the scrap quilt.  The blocks are in one piece, and I really like how it looks.  I have to choose a pink and a red fabric for the borders, so that will be the next job.  I'm o glad to have a finished quilt for the year, and maybe another one within the week.  Good progress!


Sandy 6:40 AM  

Your pieced borders are what make your quilts so special. That, along with your combination of colors, interesting fabrics, and your unwavering attention to detail and precision. All of the above a constant inspiration to me.
I was afraid for a while you had given up blogging, so happy to see you (and Merith) back!

Maureen 9:32 AM  

Both of these are beautiful. I especially like the bordered one. The pieced border really knocks it up a notch!

jude's page 11:57 AM  

Love your finish, and look forward to another one soon. Well done.

Suzanne 4:06 PM  

I am so happy that you are blogging so frequently again! I enjoy reading about the journey of each quilt and your resulting quilts are so creative and unique. Thanks for all the inspiration! Suzanne

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