Wednesday, December 11, 2019

I don't quite know what to do in the few remaining days before we go away.  None of my projects are anywhere near finishing, so it seems pointless to work hard on them.  I can't do anything in the garden because it will languish on it's own for two weeks, so no use repotting or shifting stuff around.  I do have to clean out the fridge and put the rubbish bin out, but that's hardly fulfilling.
I did get another quilt quilted, because I finally found a suitable backing for it.  A nice turquoise wideback fitted it perfectly, and I quilted it with a blue-green variegated thread.
I'm so pleased with how it turned out, I cant wait to start another one of these next year.  I'm cutting all my blue-green fabric into 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles already.
The panto is one of mine called Swell; I wanted something a bit seaweedy, and this fit the bill nicely.

I just love these colours and I'm hoping someone else will too, as it's now bound and down the shop.  But I'm not in a hurry for it to sell, because I just love looking at it.

This is my 8th quilt quilted this year, I'm pretty chuffed about that.  Three still need bindings, so that's what I could be doing till I go away. Even if I only get the bindings attached to the quilts it would be progress.  Then when I come back I'll have something to start work on straight away.  It's a plan.


cbott 8:56 AM  

Gorgeous, and straight into my "gonna do THIS one someday" virtual folder.

Speaking of folders...did you choose this one as #8 based on your new organizing system? (My spellcheck is obviously American--it doesn't like spelling that O word with an s.)

Safe travels,


Sue SA 12:00 PM  

Such a great colour combination! I love the pattern too, but everytime I look at it I think it would be hard work to piece by rows and not muck up the order! Definitely need a design wall for this one

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