Sunday, October 04, 2020


I am SO happy with my Brickwork quilt, it turned out just the way I wanted it.

I love the warm, muted colours, the variety of scraps, the touch of pink before the borders.  It was a wonderfully easy pattern to put together, but it was never boring.

I did have to be careful applying the borders.  The whole centre is on the bias; the pink triangles were cut so that the edge was on the straight grain, but that wasn't enough to control the middle section.  It was really hard to get an accurate measurement, and I ended up removing the first border because it wasn't right.

In the end I put the top on the design wall, smoothed it out carefully and made sure it was square in every direction.  Then I placed the little inner strips across the top, pinned them into the design wall and marked the length they needed to be. That worked, and they were sewn on with no further hassle.  It's going to be fun quilting this and keeping that bias under control; I'll have to take my time and measure carefully as I roll it on. But it will be more than worth it.


Unknown 3:15 PM  

What a lovely top. I've made this pattern in the past and gave the tops away. You've inspired me to make one for myself. AND, I LOVE the colors you've chosen!

Try using spray starch as you iron the top and let it become rather crisp. This will help control the bias stretch.

Thanks for sharing.

Karen 10:48 AM  

Wonderful to see your very scrappy version of the design. Even the backgrounds are scrappy. What fun!

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